Friday, June 27, 2008

Speech Therapy Help

At Nathan's last Doctor's appointment our fabulous pediatrician said that she thinks Nathan needs speech therapy. Since Nathan was born 5 weeks premature he had special therapists meet with him once every 2 months to make sure he was progressing as he should be and didn't need any extra help. I loved having the ladies come. They were wonderful with Nathan and he loved playing with them. They would also tell me what milestones to look for next and, in watching them, I picked up a lot of ideas to help Nathan progress. He was always on the very edge of needing extra help, but never over the line.

In watching all of the little girl's and even some of the boys his age I have noticed he is fairly behind them and so I was actually excited to hear he qualified for exyra help. I get to go and learn how to better help him with his speech development. In the meantime I have really been working on sentence structure with him and the -L- and -R- sounds. He actually enjoys the extra attention and loves that Mom is concentrating soley on him.

But, here is my question... I would like to do more than just continue repeating words and sentences to him and wonder if any of you out there have had a child need speech therapy and what kind of games and things did they do with your kids. I already read to Nathan at least a couple books every day, but want to do something more. So, if any of you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!!!


The Blaisdell Family said...

I'm sure you know the name Jenni Smith...she's done the whole speach thing with her Caden. Her blog is:

If you feel comfortable talking with her, I know she wouldn't mind at all. If you would rather have her email addy let me know!!

Good luck with all of that.


I don't know of any ideas but GOOD LUCK!

Kaylynne said...

Robert gets speech therapy. He gets it through the school. I know it is summer time so I don't know how evaling him would work but in the fall I would definitly do it. Robert's problem is expressive/receptive. Meaning he doesn't know the correct words and he doesn't understand them. An example is I used to tell him his toy was next to the TV and he didn't under stand next to. He also talks about himself in 3rd person. To explain things we did is going to take a long post but email me if you want more.