Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter

We started out our Easter fun with a visit with the HEB Easter Bunny. Yes, Nathan was terrified of him. We eventually got Nathan to give him five.
Next we had an easter egg hunt with the once a month play group in our new ward. My friend Arianne took these pictures for me since I forgot my camera (Thanks again!). Nathan was way too busy opening and eating all the candy to look up. This is what we got when we asked him to show us the candy he got.

We spent our Saturday before Easter helping Dad rake up the leaves, and then of course we had to jump in them!

After jumping we decided we better help him clean them up. Nathan was such a big helper!

Next we spent Easter Sunday coloring eggs and finding them with my parents and brothers. Mom made a yummy egg casserole and we hid eggs for both Nathan and Jonny and David. It was a fun morning.

Nathan's favorite part was putting the funny face stickers on the eggs.

My very serious, intense little boy who won't pose for the camera when there is fun to be had!

"Where are those eggs?"
"Found one!"

"Oh, and another one!"

He continues to find eggs every day, and we have no clue where he finds them!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

So, I won't dwell on it too much, but this past week was Ethan Scott Nelson's fourth birthday. It was a happy/sad/hard day. I miss my baby, but am so so so grateful for the knowledge I have that he is back with our Heavenly Father (I'm the best mom ever, I already got one to heaven!). I am so excited to raise him in the millennium and have all the joys of motherhood with none of the sorrow. I love you sweetheart and miss you every day, but I know you are doing your work, I will do mine and we'll be together again sooner than I can imagine.

These pictures are in no particular order.

Coupon Madness

So after reading my friend Julie's blog I decided I wanted to start saving on my grocery shopping. I started on phase one with getting my parents Sunday newspaper this week and clipping the coupons for stuff I will use. I started getting online and learning about fanatical coupon clippers (don't plan on getting there, ever!), and learned how to take advantage of CVS and Walgreens.

My first trip to HEB my total was around $160 with $14.60 off in coupon saving. I was so excited, my next trip wasn't near as succesful, but I didn't expect it to be. I spent close to a hundred with a savings of $4.90. Tonight I decided to try my hand at CVS and Walgreens. CVS's big savings is with the extra care bucks you can earn, and most coupon clippers say to wait until you have a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon (yes, you CAN use both) and the stuff is on sale. At CVS I saved $15.00 and got $5.98 in extra care bucks (you keep the little coupon thing that prints out after your receipt and use it just like money on your next trip). Then... I went to Walgreens, which promted this post. I paid approx. $31 dollars out of pocket and saved $29!!! And this is all stuff I will use; bounce dryer sheets, miralax prescribed for Caden, flushable wipes for Nathan's potty training, colgate toothpaste, pull-ups, baby orajel, etc. I have to admit that you do have to do a bit of stock piling when you start coupon clipping. But man, this saving stuff is addicting.

I have also been printing coupons off the internet and signing up to receive free offers. I know that means I will get tons of junk mail, but I think it is worth the extra time sifting through it to save almost 50%! By the way, have you noticed that milk is almost $4.50 a gallon??? I had no idea it was up that much (yes, I buy it every week, no, I never looked at the price). It is on sale at walgreens for $3.49 until tomorrow. Let me know if you see any good deals anywhere!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mother of all posts

So, lots of stuff going on in my head lately, creating lots of ideas, making it very hard to find time to post. So here is what has been going on in my life. If you don't really care, feel free to skip to the pictures towards the end :).

I have never been very good about reading my scriptures, praying, etc. We had a speaker about a month ago that said he wouldn't read anything else until he read his scriptures. I decided to apply that to my life but include all forms of media (tv, internet, books, magazine's, etc.). It's been going great! I'm almost to Alma! I do read the ensign or the Teachings of Joseph Smith instead some days. So, then I started getting all these epiphanies (my new favorite word). I didn't get the connection until my good friend Emilysa actually mentioned, "Have you been reading your scriptures?" when I was explaining my latest epiphany. Here are the major ones, I'm sure you will read it, and say but I already knew that, well I am hard headed and needed to hear it about a million times before it finally sunk in (or start reading my scriptures to clear my mind).

E1: I have been a less than adequate house wife. Now, I am not saying mom, but house wife. It hit me when a week went by and Scott had not one minute (literally) to himself because he was working, going to school, taking care of the kids when he got home and then catching up on the housework that I hadn't gotten to. I felt so horrible after I realized that I have been so selfish the last five and a half years, taking so much time to do stuff for me instead of taking care of the house. Now both Scott and I know that I can't do everything by myself, but I can sure as heck make sure the dishes and laundry are done!

Unfortunately with this epiphany I have found myself swamped with stuff to accomplish and haven't had any time to blog. I am now trying to search for a balance between house work and my own stuff, the kids, etc. Anyone know the secret?

E2: My mom has always saved good Oprah shows that she thinks I would be interested in. Lately there has been quite a few so I started recording them and just watching the interesting ones. Well, I watched the one about, "The Secret," a couple weeks ago and was blown away. Oprah had three ladies on, one who wrote a book about healing your life, written about 30 years ago. Another lady talking about lists, and then the last talking about the secret.

The first lady talked about how you have to forgive yourself and others and learn to love yourself before you can begin to heal your life. She suggests waking up and looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you love you. She says eventually you will start to believe it.

List lady says that you have to get past the shallow self to the core self and figure out what you really want from life and then make a list or a bulletin board with pictures on it. Keep the list in a spot where you can see it every day, but don't dwell on it. Write it down and then let it go. My mom and I were talking about it and she says that the idea of lists have been around forever. She told me that when I was 3 years old she made a list and stuck it in her planner. It had five or six things on it including more time with Christi (me), and a better income. She found the list a year and a half later after marrying my dad, James, and realized that every single thing she had on the list she had gotten. The thing you have to remember about lists is that you can't grasp after the things you want, write it down and let it go.

The last lady talked about the secret to life and the Universe's law of attraction. Basically positive attracts positive. My mom has always told me (and I always thought it was a bit cooky) never to say I am broke, just temporarily out of cash, because the universe would hear me and make it true. Well, I totally believe it now. It basically all came down to, you have to be happy with where you are and you can get to where you want to be. And then it was so crazy how a lot of this follows the gospel (forgiveness, be happy, etc).

I know I will always been on meds for depression (my mom has tried using these theories as well as eating right and exercising to go off before, and it just doesn't work with our family), but I can make my life better still with these ideas. I admit I haven't been doing good with telling myself I love myself, but I am doing my best to be positive. And guess what, my life has been so good lately. I have been so happy, even when I've been sad (okay, so I know that doesn't really make sense). Ethan's birthday was on the 4th of this month, and while I was really sad I was okay being sad. I knew that I was allowed to be sad, so it didn't send me into a spiraling depression.

So, on to the pictures. Scott has decided that we have to get outside every weekend, so we have been going hiking. Here are some of the pictures from our romps.

I asked Nathan to get a toy for Caden, and this is what I found.

Boys and their boo-boos.