Friday, August 24, 2007


So my Aunt and Grandma decided to get me the envirosax as my birthday present (a little early I know). I am so excited. I haven't used them yet, but I will this weekend. I just have to tell you how cute they are. Here is a picture of the ones I got and the other two packs. They make fantastic gifts!

They are so fun!

They can hold a lot!

They are so compact they can fit in the console between the front seats!

Here are the two other packs. I want them all!

I bought these on the delight website, see my link to it on the left under my favorite websites. Hurry! These are going fast as they were featured in Oprah's magazine! Kyra Sedgewick and Cameron Diaz are also happy Envirosax owners!

Funny Ebay Posting

Okay, so a friend sent me these links to a mom who posted this funny ebay message about the Pokemon cards she was auctioning off. Here is the ebay link, and the link to her great website. I would love to hear what you all think about it. It is hilarious.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jake and Nathan

I was just looking through Nathan's pictures, and found this of Jake and Nathan when Nathan was about 8 months old. He is eating a lemon and loving it!

Sea World

So, when we moved into our new home back in April we moved just two blocks from Sea World. The first thing we did is get season passes and it has been a great place to take Nathan. So here are some pictures from our summer excursions into the park.

Looking at the Dolphins.

Watching another animal.

Playing on the pirate ship with Daddy.

It took some encouraging to get him to climb through the tunnel.

But he finally did it, and then wouldn't stop.

This was 8-11-07.
Playing in the water park.

Nathan with his friend Bradley

After going down the little slide.

"Too busy, got stuff to do."

Friday, August 17, 2007

My friend Karrie has a son that is three months younger than Nathan, Bradley, and had Daniel three months before Caden was born. We have a good time getting our boys together, they get along great. She took this picture of Caden and Daniel's first play group. Caden was around 3 weeks old and Daniel 3 and a half months. Hehehe.

So, my friend Karrie just emailed me some pics that were taken back in May when we took our two boys to Sea World. These are the only (decent) pictures I have of me actually looking pregnant so I decided to post them to prove I do end up getting big. I was almost 32 weeks along.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

4 Things

I just realized that Jaime Blaisdell tagged me for this a couple weeks ago. Sorry Jaime! So, here it is.
4 jobs I've had
1. Sales (Cutco Knives, Kirby, Mary Kay, BeautiControl, etc.)
2. Waitress at Jim's
3. Photographer at Sears (my favorite)
4. Associate at Bealls

4 movies I can watch anytime
1.Miss Congeniality
2.Pirates of the Carribean
3.Mr and Mrs. Smith (Sometimes I would love to be able to pummel my spouse like that... very rarely of course :) )
4.Princess Bride (the best movie to quote!)

4 places I've lived
1.(only 4!) California
3.Las Vegas
4.San Diego

4 Favorite TV Shows
2.House, MD
3.Grey's Anatomy
4.The Office

4 Favorite foods
1. Chicken Marsala from Olive Garden
2.Chimichangas from Gringos
4.Anything my hubby grills!

4 Places I'd rather be
1.LaJolla Beach
2.On a cruise
3.Washington with my Aunt and Grandma

4 websites I visit daily
2.My friends' blogs
4. I do a lot of googling, so google I suppose (does that count?)

4 people to tag
3.Rachel Smith
So, I have been accused of not keeping up with my blog. In my defense I have been waiting until I had so more pictures to post of Caden. I know that is really want people want to see :).

Everything is going well as it can with a new baby. Caden is very gassy and does a lot of screaming in pain. I have tried getting rid of several different things from my diet, but nothing seems to help. I am almost ready to give up breastfeeding to put Caden on the special formula both my other boys had to be on. Unfortunately this formula will cost about $200 a month. Any advice or suggestions would be great! Neither Caden or I are getting much sleep, and it is starting to wear on both of us.

Nathan is getting so big. We had a family from our old ward move into our new ward and they couldn't believe how big Nathan has gotten, "He can see over the pews!" He is even going to start potty training. I was going to wait a while longer, but after the third time he took his poo out of his diaper I thought it was time. He has used the potty once to pee so far. I am not pushing the issue yet, and it is still a game to him. But, once I am getting more sleep, I will crack down on it.

I am actually doing pretty well, even with the lack of sleep (shock!). I have been reading a lot lately. Mainly "Harry Potter 7", which I absolutely loved! And, "The Thirteenth Tale" which is the first novel by a lady and a great book. My Aunt and Grandma have a book club and theyjust read the latest non-fiction book about Barbara Kingsolver ("Bean Trees" "Poisonwood Bible") and her experience of living off the local land with her family. Now my aunt and my grandma are trying to get a lot of there produce locally and they have my mom and I thinking green (er). So, one of the things that I am going to do is start using reusable grocery bags. I want to get on a produce co-op, but Texas does not have as many opportunities as far as that goes as does WA state where my aunt and grandma live. I am not going crazy eco-friendly, but there are some things I am willing to do. Plus, the reusable grocery bags I found are adorable! Check out for their envirosax. I am getting the floral ones. My aunt loves them!

Anyway, I would love to hear from everybody. We will get back into life sometime. Hope to see everyone when we do!

This was the day we blessed Caden, July 29, 2007. He squeaked a bit during the prayer, but hated his pictures!

Scott's parents were able to come down for five days, and I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most. Nathan got tons of attention, and I got a lot more rest.

This is Nathan pretending to be shy. He is the most social kid I know. He flirts with complete strangers, and they generally adore him.

So here are some pictures of Caden after the family photo shoot. He was so tired! His outfit says, "Daddy's little boy."