Thursday, June 12, 2008

Deal or No Deal!!!

So last night was the premier of Deal or No Deal with my friend Adam "Spanky" Hansen on it. Man I hate that show! I just can't take the suspense, and then having someone I know on it was ten times worse!!! It was so fun though. Spanky was the first person to start multi million dollar madness. He ended up with 12 1 million dollars in the cases. He went until their were only three cases left and ended up with $295,000. The producers put a huge emphasis on the fact that he is a Scout Master. Spanky started the show out with a lot of "dangs" which of course Howie picked up on. Then Spanky busted out his dance moves and kept making his case fall. The case he chose was the one his Scouts asked him to chose, number 14. At one point they brought all the girls out in skanky little scout uniforms and then challenged Spanky to put a uniform on to shoe his "dedication to the Scout program." Of course he did but acknowledged how much he hated it. At the end he had only one case with a million and opened one more case. He was killing me! In the end he left with his highest offer from the banker (who made fun of his weight by saying he obviously never got the fitness badge). It was an awesome show and I don't ever want to watch another one again! Congrats Spanky and Megan, can't wait to see the house you buy!


Jamie Smith said...

Wasn't that a great show last night? I was really hoping they would get a million, but I guess you can't complain with nearly 300 grand!!! I tried calling you back, but your were giving a massage! You work late!

I love the idea of a road trip to come visit me! That would be fun! It would definitly give me motivation to fix up the place and actually put some make-up on after the baby!

Lyssa said...

LOl we saw that one too! That was nuts! I thought he was going to "No Deal" the last one, with his great offer but LUCKILY he didn't and dealed it and got lots of money!! That would be fun knowing the person though!