Friday, June 27, 2008

Corporate Massage

So, I finally had my big chair massage day this past Wednesday. I was so stinking nervous that I didn't sleep very well, but the adrenaline kept me going on high until later that evening.

I met the United Health Care Rep. who set the whole thing up in the parking lot at 8:30am and she helped me carry my chair, stereo, and bags up to the office. She tried to explain a little bit about what she does and what this client does but ended with, "It's a lot of political bureaucracy that is hard to understand." But, what I did pick up was that this company not only uses United as their own health insurance for their employees, but is the middle man when other companies are trying to get health plans for their employees. So basically the place I massaged for is Kay's (as I will call her) client as well as helps her get other corporate clients).

I started massaging at 9am, 10minutes per person with approx. 5 minutes in between. It went really well, and 11 of the 12 people grabbed my business cards, and at least 5 of them said they wanted a full massage at some point. I don't know how many will actually call me, but it is a start.

Kay was so excited that it went so well. She had previously expressed concern that her bosses didn't particularly like the idea, but she has every intention of showing them that this costs less than wining and dining them and they will like it better (so we think). She decided to go ahead and give me a personal check so that the company would just owe her money if they accepted the expense and she wouldn't owe them anything if she put it on the corporate credit card. I think it is funny that the whole reason I got the job was because I could accept credit cards but still got a check in the end.

Afterward Kay and I figured out that I had massaged the #2 in the company and #1's daughter. She was thrilled that I was able to work on the higher up's and it should be good for her own business. Then as we were leaving she said that she does have other clients that she wants me to do this for and she will pay out of her own pocket for it if she has to.

I am so excited! If I could do this just once a month (and only three hours at that) it would mean so much to our family. Of course I will keep up my own evening massages, and I am also learning to make beaded jewelry (nice stuff, not crap stuff :) ). So, be watching for my beaded jewelry website to pop-up in my list of places to shop on the left hand side sometime soon.

Thanks so much for everyone's prayers and support through our financial difficulties. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (or at least get the game plan set to reach the light). It should only take us 3-5 years to get out of credit card debt. Then about 500 years to pay off student/car/home loans. ;)


The Blaisdell Family said...

Yay Christine!! I'm so happy for you. Sounds like things are pretty promising at this point. I bet you feel so happy right now! It's just so exciting when you can see Heavenly Father helping first hand in your life like that. What a blessing this opportunity has and will be for you and your family. Congrats!! Can't wait to hear more updates about this!


how fun! what a great "gig"
and yay for a game plan! love it!

Jamie Smith said...

It's good to hear we aren't the only ones going crazy with money! We are on the 500 year plan too!!! It sounds like your massages are going well. At least you can make money, no one really is looking to hire a 8 month pregnant mom right now. You'll make it through. I just keep thinking of the MOST ANNOYING ADVICE ever, which is "it could always be worse." Annoying, yet true!