Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Memory

My Aunt Lezlie passed away early yesterday morning. She is 60 years old and my Dad's oldest sibling. She spent the last ten years battling breast cancer. She was a wonderful lady. She had six children, and (I think) 11 grand children, and a few great grand children. Her Mom, my Grandma Neville, was an amazing example to all of the family. She taught that family was family, despite blood. I always thought it was so incredible that Grandma gave me an heirloom ring from her side of the family when she is actually my step Dad's step Mom. It never mattered. I was just her Granddaughter. My Dad and Aunt Lezlie both had a step child, and they passed on what they learned from their Mom to their children. Jason, Lezlie's oldest (step) son married a woman with children from a previous marriage and has been a wonderful step Father to them. I know Lezlie thought of Jason as her own and raised him as such. She also had Jared, Lanie, Brett and little Carly. Carly is, we believe, the reason she hung on for so many years. Carly was a surprise to my Aunt and Uncle when my Aunt was 45 years old. She is 15 years old now and such a spunky young woman. I know it will be hard on her, but she is so tenacious, she will make it no problem.

My Aunt had another son as well. Her little boy almost drowned and suffered severe brain damage. He died a couple of years later due to complications from nearly drowning. I know it was such a different experience than my own, but I felt a connection with her knowing we had both lost a child.

My Aunt will be sorely missed. She was a big part of trying to hold this family together since my Grandma passed on three and a half years ago. It is really falling on the cousins to do it now.

Anyway, I am even more blessed to be part of such a wonderful family. My cousin is using her frequent flier miles to fly me to SLC and then we will drive to Reno, NV for the funeral. I am so sad that it is taking a funeral to get us back together, but I am so excited to see my family. I am also going to get a day to see Scott's Brother and family and hopefully Scott's Grandma's. I am also going without children. I am looking forward to the break, but worried because I have never been away from them for so long. I fly out Thursday night and I will be back Monday afternoon. So, if you don't see me around you'll know why.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Cade!

Caden's birthday was a lot of fun. I wasn't going to have a big party until my Mom told me she wanted me to throw one and she would help pay for it. So I decided to have it at Raymond Rimkus Park. It has the best jungle gym and Nathan loves it. My Mom and my brother David bought pizzas and I picked up the cupcakes and decor.

We brought picnic blankets and toys for the little ones. Unfortunately the bark was more fun.

Scott's job was Caden. See how much fun he is having!

Madison, being her little doll self!

My 19 year old brother having fun at a 1 year olds party. Actually he had a good time, and was a big help... no, a HUGE help! Thanks Dave!!!

The bench.
From left to right we have: Becca, Timothy (under the blanket :) ), Tovi, Sadie (standing), Kaori, Nadia, Alex and Aubrey

The Table
Pizzas, My Mom, the back of Jami, Brook and Sarah

Rachel and Nolan

Tha play area.

The lil' ones area.

Caden likes pizza. Yup, he has one in each hand.

My fancy dancy cupcakes, Each one has a ring on it that says, "Happy 1st Birthday."

So, I came very prepared, minus matches of course. Cade didn't know what to make of everyone singing to him.

"Are they singing to someone behind me?"

"What in the world is this?!"

"Hmmm... this kinda tastes good...."

And the rest need no explanation.

"Man, this is the life!"

We had such a good time. Thanks all of you for coming, and for those who couldn't make it, we missed you!!! I can't believe my baby is one! For probably the first time since we've been married I feel very content with my family (e.g. no baby cravings). I love my boys so much! Happy birthday Caden!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Pictures and Fun

I have been bathing Caden in the sink. It is easier on my back and easier for him to sit up in. Nathan decided that he must do everything just like Caden. Complete with me carrying him like a baby in his towel after I get him out. Silly boy!

Scott helped Nathan with his first cooking lesson. I forgot to get pictures of the finished project, but here is the start of some very yummy chocolate chip cookies. Nathan is also doing very well with counting. You can see him helping Daddy count to 3.

Nathan and Caden have started playing pretty well together. I love it! When I grabbed the camera Caden was doing this under Nathan. Of course I then had to coax them back into position to snap a quick picture. I love my boys!

You like the cheerios spilled all over?

Come on Cade, do what your brother is doing!

"Mom, watcha doin'?"

Happy Babes! And no, we don't believe in clothes in this house (at least not for those under 5 years).

I have been very blessed to have babies that love food. Nathan is much pickier now that he is older, but as a baby he was just like Caden. Here Cade is devouring as many cheerios as he can stuff into his little mouth. And he is standing!

On a side note, Cade is starting to stand on his own and take a couple of steps before getting/falling down to crawl. He will be walking in no time... AHHHHHHH!