Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today after Scott got home we were chatting and he started out a sentence with, "So, I don't want to scare you...." How horrible is that?! No one who wants to not scare someone should ever start a sentence that way. Well it worked (or didn't), he did scare me. He was talking about how I don't understand the economies unstable condition and his job is not all that secure. We talked about the recession and how our generation is struggling. Previous generations have had to deal with wars and rations our generation is having to deal with the consequences of credit cards and debt.

I started thinking about all the things our grandparents had to give up to help their country. I know Pres. Bush wants us to spend money to stimulate the economy but we really need to pay off our debts. How many times have prophets told us to get out of debt and have a savings? These next few years are really going to test us all. I read a news article that said the housing market won't hit bottom until as late as 2012. That is still 3 1/2 years away. In that time what is going to happen to the rest of the economy.

In talking with a friend she pointed out that if we looked at inflation, gas has not been inflated along with everything else. If gas had inflated with, lets say bread or milk, it would cost more than it does even now. We have all heard that Europe has had higher gas prices (the maximum more than double our own), maybe it is time for us Americans to start walking off our McD pounds, starting of course with me.

Anyway, just thought it was funny that Scott and I had similar things on our minds today. It just stinks that after this talk we have decided we probably won't be able to make Christmas in AZ either. Although, if Scott loses his job (no, he is not likely too, but with the economy so unstable anything is possible) we will probably move to AZ to live with his parents for a while, we will have plenty of time to visit then! So Jolene and Gary, if you are reading this, pray that he doesn't ;) !!!

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I am so glad we are in a good place money wise
I too always worry about jake losing his job b/c our savings would not support us for too long!!! ahhh!

thanks for whipping me into gear to get our $$ better situated :)