Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bedtime, The Dad Way

This is not how my mother taught me to put kids to sleep. I learned that you quiet them down, read stories, talk to them softly about their day. Scott of course has other ideas. I think the kids rather prefer Dad's way to mine, though they don't usually go to sleep immediately. We always hear them playing in their rooms for a bit after we put them down.

Scott is actually holding Nathan up over his head.

Oh no! Both boys are down for the count!

"Get me Dad!"

Caden going back for more, or is he running to me?

Caden getting his own 'above Dad's head' time.

They were sweet enough to take a minute from their play to pose for Mom's picture. My sweet boys.

I do have to mention that we do end up reading books after this play, but it is hard for them to wind down. I would discourage it, but the kids have so much fun and I can't take this special time away from them. After all, they end up going to bed earlier (since they don't go to sleep right away) and getting up a bit later (okay, so it is still 7am, but that is better than even 6:30am!).



he is wearing them out before bed :)

Jill said...

These pictures are so cute! It looks like they are having a lot of fun :)

Jamie Smith said...

I think all Dad's are the same! It's so funny how you can work so hard to get them ready for bed, and then Dad walks in the room and they automatically think it's playtime.

Jami Black said...

I agree...this sounded all too familiar. I try to see it as "wearing her out" now instead of winding her up. Your boys are so cute!

Kat Curtis said...

I love those pictures! Those will be great memories. Jeremy's the same way with playing with our boys. You've inspired me to take some good pictures. By the way, the picture with the bee is amazing. I am a hopeless photographer. Oh well! :)