Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Do they look alike?

So, I have been wanting to put pictures up of my three boys so you can see how much they do or don't look alike. I finally sat down and picked out the best pictures of them taken within about a month of the same age. They are all around 3 months old. What do you think?

Ethan Scott

Nathan Dea
Caden James

Monday, October 15, 2007

Date Night to the Spurs Game!

So, my husband is awesome and everybody knows it! Especially at work! His boss gave him tickets to the first preseason home game (okay, preseason not very exciting). The cool thing was is that we got to go to the catered USAA suite and sit in the box seats during the game. We were two boxes (twelve seats and one aisle) away from Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez. I didn't get a picture of Mario who was very nice and waved to all of his fans. But below you will see the pic I got of Eva, who was rude and hid her face a lot. I did feel a little bit bad about playing paparazzi, but oh well. We were on row 15, center court, eye level with the shot clock. It was amazing! We had our own waiter who took care of all of our needs in the suite and we could take all of our food out to the box. We also had our own reserved parking spot (#253). I felt like royalty! The Spurs played a team from Greece and killed them by close to 30 points. It was fun listening to the poor announcer try and pronounce all the names of the other team. We had a really good time.

Eva is the one in the center getting ready to leave. I could have touched her as she walked by, she was so close!

Leather seats!

The Greek team stood in this square and a coach took them through warm up exercises. Very different from the American teams.

Look how close we were!

This is tip off.

This was the jersey on the wall in the suite.

Another bragging shot.

Scott, being his own goofy self.

Mmmmm... leather seats.

The dining table in one room of the suite.

More food in the suite.

They had a big screen in there that we could watch the game on if we wanted... we didn't want to.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Clothes

Nathan is just shooting up! He is out of his 18 months clothes (finally) and fits perfectly in 24 months, and some 2T's. Thanks Auntie for the new clothes!

Happy 3 months yesterday Cade! He made it! I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night because this was the age when Ethan died (went to sleep on 3 month birthday and never woke up). So, this is always a hard milestone for me. But here is my happy boy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Random Pictures

So here are some more random pictures of my beautiful boys.

Love the hair! This is what happens when Daddy gives Nathan a bath.

Thanks for the outfit cousin Marianne!

Happy Boys!

Nathan's first ride!

So we got to take Nathan on his first rides ever! The pictures are actually from his second time. We took him on the paint buckets (tea cups) and the little ferris wheel. His favorite was definitely the ferris wheel.

Nathan has also decided he doesn't want to take naps everyday anymore. So here he is on the way home from Grandma's sans nap. Notice the new haircut!

Isn't he sweet.

Halloween Books

So my good friend Jaime Blaisdell posted her favorite Halloween books and asked us about ours. So here are a couple (okay the only) of our favorites.

The Witches Ball

This book rhymes! Okay, so we love rhyming books. We also found it in a board book style, and the pictures are so fun. Nathan loves reading it over and over and over....

This is a great book for little ones. It has soft puzzle pieces on each page and helps with counting to three.

Conference Weekend

I love conference weekend! And not just because we spend the day at my parents eating lentil soup and homemade cinnamon rolls, but I always feel that the speakers are speaking directly to me. It makes me want to be an even better person, mom and spouse. And for a week or two afterward I do really well ;). Anyway, the big thing I got from conference this time is I need to do a lot better about teaching my little ones about the Saviour at home. So, I am looking for ways to do that through books, videos, pictures etc. If you have good ideas please, please pass them on!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Life in a house full of boys is fun! No, it really is. Not the Caden exhibits much boyness yet, but I am looking forward to it. And not that Nathan is very adventurous, and he is scared of just about everything, but he'll get better, right? Now, Scott, he is about as male as they come. His compliments consist of me telling him what to say then him trying to put into his own words and butchering it horribly. But what can I say, I love my life.

So, Caden is starting to go poo-poo on his own (crowd cheers), but he is still fairly colicky (crowd boos). At his last appointment he was 11 lbs. 8 oz. which is 25% for his age.

Nathan is my little comedian (not the he tries to be funny, he just is!). He amazes me every day with new words and with the knowledge he is gaining (better start watching my mouth ;) ). His latest thing is to want to pray before he takes a bite of anything and before naps as well as bedtime (I think it is specifically to prolong awake time there). Oh, to have a child's faith! He keeps me and Scott on track.

Scott and I are still very sleep deprived and trying very hard not to take it out on each other. I mowed my first lawn ever (sad I know), and he is still really working hard at work as well as finishing his application to grad school (he wants to get his MBA and USAA will pay for it). I am still nursing and losing weight extremely slowly ( 3 pounds in 3 weeks... I know, I know, that is actually healthy).Anyway, as a whole we are doing fabulously, here are some random pictures.

Look at the chub! Sorry, some are a bit fuzzy, but still cute!

Dora is very mesmerizing. Look how big he is!

My happy boy! I just want to eat him up!