Saturday, June 28, 2008

Decorating Differences

I shouldn't be writing this now, because I am still so upset, but I had to get it out and see what you gals with similar issues have done/would do. I have a friend who has been so sweet in giving us all kinds of curtains, rods and fabric to match what I have wanted to do in our house. She didn't have all of the wall hooks for the curtains so I told Scott that I would like to see if we can find some nice cheap ones at Walmart or Home Depot. This is when the truth finally comes out. He doesn't like the curtains, doesn't know why we need them, thinks that the blinds are just fine. We would eventually paint the kitchen to coordinate with the blinds and I would like to paint my massage room. He doesn't want to paint anything. Neither of us really like our house and we know where we want to end up, but with our financial struggles I have tried to put getting a bigger house out of my mind and concentrating on making this one more my home. He doesn't want to touch anything.

I'm ready to cry! We got into this huge disagreement over putting up curtains!!! Free curtains!!! Well, mostly free curtains. I am living in a house with white walls (some pictures) with white blinds!



husbands sometimes do not understand "aesthetics" and that is always hard. Jake is always so "practical" so sometimes I just do something he "thinks" he won't like and he ends up Loving it! We had this ugly ugly cabinet screwed into the wall in our bathroom and i was tired of telling jake i wanted it taken down and he said it looked just fine and so one night i just got out a screw driver and took it down and afterwards he LOVED it gone. I don't know if any of this is advice but there ya go. I had no idea y'all weren't super happy with your house!

Heather said...

There's nothing wrong with white walls and white blinds. That said, there's nothing wrong with mostly free curtains either :)

When it comes down to it, creating marital discord over free curtains is silly (meaning you and your hubby are going to be the most happy if you work it out the solution together). Give it a few days and calmly discuss what you want. You both are going to have valid points you want to share. good luck

I'm not saying the argument is silly (I've had my share of silly arguments with Ernest), but sometimes if the 'grand scheme of things' can be brought into the picture, it helps.

Linda said...

I'm sorry he didn't like them.... he can come pick some too :) Maybe then he'll take some ownership! We lived in base housing and of course it wasn't ours; didn't want to have to repaint blah blah blah. Well after 3 years and a massive flood because the water heater exploded while we were gone and we decided that it is our house since it took so much away from us with the damage. I painted, sewed curtains, hung pictures. I don't care if it was only a year; we were so much happier and felt good coming "home". Hang in there!

Missy said...

I feel your pain! We seem to be constantly only half-settled anywhere, and I hate having white-only walls, and no pictures hung up anywhere... I've been the one hesitant to do anything that feels somewhat permanent, or will entail more work if we move, actually. But my kids don't even feel at home because it's not decorated and homey. They've asked several times when we're going to move again... we've lived here a year! *sigh* I'm sure you and your husband will find a solution that suits, I just had to commiserate.