Friday, May 16, 2008

USAA Family Day

I just have to rave again about what an amazing company USAA is. Scott has been treated so well, and so have we. They have all kinds of family days, and benefits for us. During the many days adventure while the Jamers (I can't call them the Jaime's or Jamie's, hence the Jamers, hopefully they don't mind ;) ) and Katie were in town Scott was able to convince me to spend a couple of hours at the USAA family day. Here are some magnificent and/or slightly fuzzy pictures from our fun!

Here Caden is trying to look everywhere at once. He did have a good time watching his brother try crazy new things!
Here Nathan is waiting in line for his turn at the GUNS!

Nathan got to pretend to shoot the gun on top of the tank. I'm not sure how I felt about that...

The wheel is huge!

Here is what Scott thought about our day....
Another massive tank. The line was long to get in this one we decided to skip it.

They also had fire trucks, ambulances, and my favorite... A HELICOPTER!!!

I tried to get Nathan to come sit in the fire truck with me, but he refused.

Here he is in the EMS truck (not an ambulance). The passenger side of all the vehicles didn't have anyone waiting in line :).

My boys in the back of the helicopter.

It was massive!

I think Nathan had a good time, what do you think?

The ambulance was not nearly as scary as the fire truck, although I had a little bit of a panic seize my chest when he got in the back of it. Funny the things that bother me now....

Nathan is doing so good with potty training, unfortunately his bladder is so little he has to go ALL the time. So Daddy and Caden took a break on the grass while they waited for us.

They had two soccer fields filled with all the different blow up houses. It was incredible. The lines were super long, so we just did one. It wasn't a very tall one, but Nathan still had fun.

I also have to mention the FREE FOOD! Yup, that's right, free. They had roasted corn, turkey legs, hot dogs, BBQ chicken sandwiches, bottled sodas and water, snow cones, and more I'm sure. Thanks so much USAA for treating your employees and their families so well!



we bank with them and love it
gotta love military friendly companies :)

Anonymous said...

Christi you have the best life. I can still see you in Nathan's face, but he is starting to look more like his Daddy. He is a very handsome boy. As for Caden he still looks a lot like you. You have three very good looking guys in your life.
Blowing you kisses! Kim

The Blaisdell Family said...

That looks like fun. I need to talk to Craig's "Boss" and tell him he needs to do that for us:) OR just give us a big raise, I'll take that too!

Ok, so your comment on the one picture that simply said, "It was massive." The first thing I thought of was, "that's what she said". Gotta love The Office right???

Glad you guys had fun. Cute pictures of the kids by the way. Caden's eyes are AMAZING!! They are SO blue I love it!

Emily said...

What a great day! So perfect for a family with boys! Your pics are so cute. I can't believe how big and adorable your boys are. They just keep getting cuter.

The Shirleys said...

Helicopters are our favorites too! I think Nathan looks good shooting a machine gun from the top of a tank. ") Maybe that is his calling in life. J/K

Bradley would love to see all that stuff up close. I think it is a guy thing. Glad you guys had fun.