Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me!

So, unlike my own mother, I love mother's day! It means I can get away with being lazy (it's not that I am not lazy on other days, I just have an excuse on Mother's Day!), and cott does lots of fun stuff for me and I get presents! I also get to whine and groan about the children I've had, and complain about their labors.

Okay, so I don't really, but sometimes I wish I could. So this mother's day I got to sleep in and then woke up to Nathan telling me it was breakfast time and we were having "Birthday Cake" (translation: pancakes).

Then Scott brought out my Mother's Day gift. So, two years ago for Mother's Day he bought two canvas prints, one of Nathan and I, and one of Ethan. I have them up on my living room wall with a sears family portrait. Scott has been saying we needed a third canvas print, but I have wanted to wait until we could get my Dad to take another family picture. So, for Mother's day here is what I got:

I was so surprised. I had always complained that Scott wasn't in any of the canvas prints, so while I was off with girly friends during the Twilight party he picked up the kids and went to his work and got a coworker to take this picture. He is so sweet and so thoughtful. He remembers when I tell him things I would like, just in passing.

We decided to go to church with my parents mostly because I know they always get chocolate bars instead of flowers ;). I just had to post what we got so everyone else could take this idea to their ward for next year. This is the wrapping that covered our HUGE symphony bars.

I have no idea why they loaded sideways, but you get the idea. Just in case you can't read everything here is what it says:
Mother's Day
11 May 08
Net Weight
(Full Of Love)

Mother's Day Chocolate
For only the Best Moms
Designed specifically for those with the following qualifications: Plenty of love, compassion, caring, good listener, care taker, chauffeur, gardener, house cleaner, nurse, coach, good shoulders to cry on, teacher, math tutor, life giver, hugger, wife, eternal companion, mother.
Best if Eaten Today!
calories, total fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carb-none.
Mfg. by San Pedro Ward Candy Co.
San Antonio, Texas USA

Anyway, hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day!



CUTE! my last two mom days the wards have given church music CDs and that is fun too

LOVE THE CANVAS!!! i am a picture queen!

Anonymous said...

Christi you always make me cry. You had better hug Scott for me too. He is the perfect man for you!!! Love, Kim

The Blaisdell Family said...

How cute, "birthday cake". I love kids thoughts and comments, they're the best.

Scott sounds like Craig when it comes to gifts. Craig will remember what I said in Feb. for my birthday in Dec.!!! If only our husbands could share their memory gene with us, wouldn't that be great???:)

Glad you had such a great Mother's day. You deserve it, you're a great mom and person in general!

Jamie Smith said...

What a fun mother's day! I know what you mean when you want to just have a lazy day, or at least an excuse for one!!!

I love the picture of Scott and the boys! I can't believe how grown-up Caden is! He is so cute!!!

The Shirleys said...

I love the mother's day picture! That is so cute of all of them. Scott IS a great guy! Too bad I only saw it in the box and not on the wall. Oh well...I was still your first friend to see it. Right! :)