Friday, May 16, 2008

My Friend Karrie...

I am saying good bye to yet another friend this month. Karrie Shirley moved into our apartment complex the summer of 2004. Her and her hubby moved her to go to Dental school (like most of that ward). They moved into an apartment right across the street from us and Karries and I became good friends. I did my best to invite her to do the most mundane of things, like going shopping with me to HEB. We had just bought a second car and Karrie and Andy were still only living with one, and I knew how it felt to be carless.

We ended up both having boys three months apart. I didn't know until Nathan was almost a year old that they had planned on naming their little guy Nathan. That's what you get for not telling anyone the name! They named him Bradley, and I think it fits him better than Nathan anyway. We threw Bradley and Nathan together so often they had no choice but to become friends. And then I went back to school and Karrie ended up watching Nathan for me for a semester. He and Bradley taught each other all sorts of things, like how to not fall off the bed face first, or how to stick up for yourself. It was great to see how Nathan and Bradley have continued to bond as they got older and more social. And Karrie and I have become closer and closer. Even Andy seemed to like Scott and I ;).

Here is how they started out.

This is Bradley at Nathan's first birthday party.

This is at Nathan's second birthday party.

At one point I even dared let Andy into my mouth to fix some cavities. He did a great job and even got an -A- on fixing my teeth! I'm not sure how I feel with him having pictures of my mouth on his computer, though... j/k.

Then we bought a house. I was afraid Karrie and Andy would disown us. They didn't and despite the fact that they actually have to get into a car to see us now, they still come. And of course to top it off, Karrie and I both had another boy, three months apart. This time hers is older than mine. Daniel is a little doll, and Caden seems very interested in him.

Sweet boys.

Look at that big boy. Go Daniel!!!

These were from our last play date. I think it is funny, because Daniel is big for his age and Caden is small. It worked well with Bradley and Nathan because it made them about the same size.
I love this picture of Andy walking with both boys. The Shirley's were our Sea World friends all summer!

We had our last play day with them last Friday and it was so fun, but so sad. I will miss this fabulous family so much. Andy and I are a lot a like, and Karrie and Scott are a lot alike, which, I think, is why Karrie and I get along so well. She is my down to earth, rational friend who I can always count on to tell me the truth (and if it is going to hurt she handles it very tactfully). They are off to spend a year in California at Travis AFB to do something like a Dental residency and then who know where the AF will send them dyring their pay back time. I miss you guys already, take care!!!



how cool that y'all have military friends

it is hard to see friends leave

we are going through the same here

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for computers to stay in touch and stay close. Stay on top of it Christi so you don't end up waving goodbye to a five year old and next thing you know she has beautiful children of her own. Like I missed out on so many years of you. I thought of you and prayed for you, but it wasn't the same thing as being there. This is when OCD becomes a positive character trait.
Love Kim

The Shirleys said...

Were you trying to make me cry?! Thanks for posting the pictures. I may have to still a couple. We have really enjoyed you guys. Maybe we will see you in Cali. :)