Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Musical Extravaganza

So I have been quite a busy bee these past few months. I was the co-stage manager in our stake musical medley and had so much fun! I miss theater a lot and often think about getting back into it, but I would have to commit to Sunday matinées and I am not interested in that (right now ;)). So this was a great alternative. We did a lot of work for only two nights though.

We did (approximately) fifteen minute medleys of songs from Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

I was not only the stage manager but technical director, prop mistress, seamstress, prop builder/borrower, etc. (okay, so I wasn't the only one who did all these things, but it was A LOT of work). During the show my job was to run the lights with two other helpers and Kelly (co-stage manager) made sure props got on and off the stage. We all had to set the stage before, and in between each musical.

Our opening number was Les Mis.

Get a good look at that arch. David (my bro) and I built it out of cardboard and I painted it. Then Brother Bodily secured it to the garden arch and reinforced it with wood (also the turret which you'll see in Beauty). Thanks again!!!

This is Mary Marrow as Eponine, Rick Williamson as Jean ValJean and Becky Hunt as Fantine.

This is Belle in Beauty and the Beast our second number. This was probably the best of the three. Cassie and Todd White played Beauty and the Beast. They had this grogeous dance number at the end with lifts and all. And take a look at her gold dress and Beasts puffy shirt, Cassie made them from scratch!

Cassie and Rick P. (who plays Belle's father).

Isn't that a nice looking turret?

Now, can you tell what everyone is supposed to be? This is "Be Our Guest".

Beast and Belle waltzing to Beauty and the Beast sung by Mrs. Potts our very own Deborah Owens (crowd cheers).

Mrs. Potts, obviously.

The end of "Be Our Guest".

I was pretty proud of these, too bad you can't tell what they are. Any guesses?

The finale of Beauty and the Beast.

Joseph was our last, and very fun.

Trevor Hunt played Elvis, that's his wife Becky in the blue shorts.

He did so awesome!

Like the glow sticks?

Lots of moving and dancing in this one.

"Oh no, not he, how you can accuse him is a mystery!"

Isn't the lighting awesome? Okay, so it ain't no theater lighting.

Joe Lieshman played Joseph (appropriate right?).

Our infamous cowboy brothers played by Kiley Mortensen, Preston Omer, Austin Nelson, and Joe Stuart.

Jacob (Dad) was played by Dale Capener.

Joseph finale.

Kelly and I running around like crazy before the show starts.

Kiley Mortensen, Preston Omer and Jon Bir.

Our Narrator for Joseph, Jen Wilde and little Cosette, Tovi Cain (who has two children and is older than me :)).

Deborah and Ashley

Our darling Eileen, she was much more than just a pretty face on stage. Thanks for all your help Eileen, and putting up with my stressed self!

On the last performance Elvis (Trevor) called Heidi, Kelly and I up on stage to say nice things about us and give us flowers. He said I was the one who kicked their butts. I was known as the nazi, fun nazi, watch nazi, curtain nazi ;) . I played the mean stage manager and Kelly played the nice one. It worked pretty well.

My lighting crew. My brother, Jonny and Dad ran our spot light.

Happy Cassie

Pretty actor people.

Silly actor people.

Danielle helping Kiley with makeup :).

Our fabulous music director Rick Parker and his wife, our fabulous photographer:).

Becky and her sister Christy

Becky, Ashley and Belle, oops I mean Cassie

Christy, Amanda and Kimberly.



wow this is amazing! are they the plates? in be our guest?

Bobbi said...

OH MY WORD!!! This looks like so much fun! I can't believe the costumes! You guys seriously went all out! I would have loved to have seen it!! No, wait. I would have wanted to BE IN IT!!! How fun! I love it!!!

Sarah said...

Cool!! It looks like it was a resounding success! Awesome job!

Lyssa said...

That's so cool how you totallly were on top of that! That seemed pretty cool and quite the show! And I hear you are lined up for another one! nice!

The Shirleys said...

My guess is...PLATES! The costumes and the set looked great!! You did a fabulous job...but what did they expect...you ask a pro and you get wonderful results!!

WE have something for Nathan and Caden. We just need to figure out how to see you all one more time!)

Anonymous said...

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