Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monkey Bumps

Five little monkey's jumping on the bed
One fell off and bumped his head
Momma called the Dr. and the Dr. said,
"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Okay, so there is actually only one little monkey, but he gets into plenty on his own! I am trying to be more modest now that Nathan is three, but he refuses to be in a room without me. He stands at the bathroom door whining until I am done and unlock the door, and he refuses to watch a movie while I shower. So today I tried something different. I actually told him to go jump on our bed while I left the bathroom door open and took a shower. He has been jumping on our bed for a while and never had any problems, that is of course until today.

Luckily I was almost done when I heard a huge, "Bam!" I stopped and stood still while I waited for the accompanying, "WHAAAAAAAAAH!" Yep, it came. I grabbed Nathan who was surprisingly still on the bed and held him while he screamed. He finally calmed down enough to tell me he bumped his head. I peaked at it as much as I could with his head still on my shouldered and his little body glued to me, arms and legs wrapped unrelentingly around my neck and waist. I didn't see anything until a few minutes later when he pulled back and I saw red on his eyelid. Here is what I found:

So it seems my little monkey didn't actually fall off the bed, but it might have been better if he had. He gashed his eye on the edge of our foot board and it bled pretty well. I am surprised by my own reaction. My heart jumped, but I swallowed the anxiety and pulled Nathan over to a mirror and started raving about his cool cut. I saw a moment of worry in his own eyes, but he glanced up at me and I was smiling so big he couldn't help but follow my example. "Let's go get the camera," and that was the end of it. He does keep asking me to hold him up so he can look at his eye in the mirror.

Now let me reiterate the Doc's wise advice to the Monkey's Mama,
"No more monkey's jumping on the bed!!!"

*wipe beads of sweat off forehead for the relief that a potentially worse outcome was avoided*



ahhh the day in the life of a mom...

Sarah said...

Little monkey indeed! There is nothing like a good jump on the parents' bed, but whoa! I'm glad his eye is ok!!

The Shirleys said...

Nathan did such a good job! That ones a beauty!

My little monkey still jumps even when he does something like that. How do you get them to believe the Mama when she tells them what the docotr said?! :)

The Blaisdell Family said...

OUCH. I can't believe he's smiling in that picture! What a trooper.

Anonymous said...


Bobbi said...

That looks like the makings of a nice shiner there, Nathan!! Good work! Bed-jumping used to be okay at our house until Austin fell off and broke his arm at age 2. Now we just hop around on the floor. It's not as fun, but is proving to be less dangerous.