Monday, October 1, 2007


Life in a house full of boys is fun! No, it really is. Not the Caden exhibits much boyness yet, but I am looking forward to it. And not that Nathan is very adventurous, and he is scared of just about everything, but he'll get better, right? Now, Scott, he is about as male as they come. His compliments consist of me telling him what to say then him trying to put into his own words and butchering it horribly. But what can I say, I love my life.

So, Caden is starting to go poo-poo on his own (crowd cheers), but he is still fairly colicky (crowd boos). At his last appointment he was 11 lbs. 8 oz. which is 25% for his age.

Nathan is my little comedian (not the he tries to be funny, he just is!). He amazes me every day with new words and with the knowledge he is gaining (better start watching my mouth ;) ). His latest thing is to want to pray before he takes a bite of anything and before naps as well as bedtime (I think it is specifically to prolong awake time there). Oh, to have a child's faith! He keeps me and Scott on track.

Scott and I are still very sleep deprived and trying very hard not to take it out on each other. I mowed my first lawn ever (sad I know), and he is still really working hard at work as well as finishing his application to grad school (he wants to get his MBA and USAA will pay for it). I am still nursing and losing weight extremely slowly ( 3 pounds in 3 weeks... I know, I know, that is actually healthy).Anyway, as a whole we are doing fabulously, here are some random pictures.

Look at the chub! Sorry, some are a bit fuzzy, but still cute!

Dora is very mesmerizing. Look how big he is!

My happy boy! I just want to eat him up!


Rachel said...

You are such a trooper!! You need to give yourself a pat on the back!!! Why? Well because you are COMMITTED to nursing... and that can be hard esp with all the craziness that his had!

So anyways, WAY TO GO!!!

Kara said...

Hi Christine!

I've never mowed a lawn, so don't feel bad. :) If I can help it, I never will. Doug's pretty good at keeping up with that stuff. :)

Jaime Blaisdell said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who says I just want to eat my kids. I've said statements like, "he's so cute I just want to eat him!" and I've received some strange looks. Come on people! Like I literally want to eat my child. Don't be retarded!

Love all the chub on the babe. Obviously nursing is going great! Glad he's pooing on his own. Hopefully it will all be smooth sailing from here.

Good luck Scott on the MBA. And way to go Christine on mowing the grass! I'm sure it took all day:)

LOVE the last picture of Caden with his right arm kind of up and his left one down, looks like he's doing the cha cha or something. Incredibly cute!

Joe & Lyssa said...

The kids are getting big! That's so great he's pooping!! And hang in there, the colickyness with pass as he gets bigger! i hope to see you at playgroup!

Jamie Smith said...

Isn't Jaime the most amazing commenter? I always try to think of something creative to say, but I'm boring and think I say the same things all the time! Anyways, your baby has the sweetest smile! It's great to here things are going good! And why does everyone have this word thing on their blog. I must be blind because I have to do it like 3 times before I get it right.

Emily said...

Your boys are so cute. Caden is getting so chubby! Gray has a rival.


love the blog and the pictures! sooo cute! fun for you to mow a lawn! in our condo i just sweep the balcony which i haven't done yet haha... well i better put my little one down for her nap! thanks for the updates and good luck w/grad school! ours is still a ways away it seems ... enjoy the ride though right?

Michelle Cox said...

Cute kids, as always! Good luck with everything. Life does gets nuts sometimes, doesn't it? But, it would be boring otherwise, right? Enjoy Conference!