Monday, October 15, 2007

Date Night to the Spurs Game!

So, my husband is awesome and everybody knows it! Especially at work! His boss gave him tickets to the first preseason home game (okay, preseason not very exciting). The cool thing was is that we got to go to the catered USAA suite and sit in the box seats during the game. We were two boxes (twelve seats and one aisle) away from Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez. I didn't get a picture of Mario who was very nice and waved to all of his fans. But below you will see the pic I got of Eva, who was rude and hid her face a lot. I did feel a little bit bad about playing paparazzi, but oh well. We were on row 15, center court, eye level with the shot clock. It was amazing! We had our own waiter who took care of all of our needs in the suite and we could take all of our food out to the box. We also had our own reserved parking spot (#253). I felt like royalty! The Spurs played a team from Greece and killed them by close to 30 points. It was fun listening to the poor announcer try and pronounce all the names of the other team. We had a really good time.

Eva is the one in the center getting ready to leave. I could have touched her as she walked by, she was so close!

Leather seats!

The Greek team stood in this square and a coach took them through warm up exercises. Very different from the American teams.

Look how close we were!

This is tip off.

This was the jersey on the wall in the suite.

Another bragging shot.

Scott, being his own goofy self.

Mmmmm... leather seats.

The dining table in one room of the suite.

More food in the suite.

They had a big screen in there that we could watch the game on if we wanted... we didn't want to.


Jamie Smith said...

I'm so jealous! How much fun is that! I would have been right there next to you playing paparazzi too if Eva was there! I am always trying to find her when I go to those games! You did a good job! Awesome photo! Her dress looks really pretty!

J. Blaisdell said...

That is awesome Christine!!! We won suite tickets to a basketball game when I worked at Dodge, but yours are WAY better. Definitely more like Royalty! SOOOO jealous. I'm SO happy you two got a date night. You deserve it (both of you do!!) Congrats Scott and being a kick a#$ worker!!

And Christine, maybe you should take up a new job of joining the paparazzi. You did an awesome job!

The Shirleys said...

I am so glad you got to go have a fun night! We are a little bit jealous too!

Whats up with the word verification?

Emily said...

That is so cool! The suite looks amazing. And those seats? You can't beat them. That is the date night to top all date nights--hopefully you got some action (PG-13 rated, of course) in the suite!!

GibbonsFam said...

What a fun night!! and whoa!! I can't believe you spotted EvA!! that's one of my goals while I live in SA, to take a picture with or of EVA and posted on the blog. AND YOU ALREADY BEAT ME TO IT!! Anyway, I'm glad you had a fun night with your hubby!!

kim bailey said...

Christi Eva doesn't hold a candle to you! Is there anybody else out there who agrees???

Chrissy said...

That is so cool!