Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nathan's first ride!

So we got to take Nathan on his first rides ever! The pictures are actually from his second time. We took him on the paint buckets (tea cups) and the little ferris wheel. His favorite was definitely the ferris wheel.

Nathan has also decided he doesn't want to take naps everyday anymore. So here he is on the way home from Grandma's sans nap. Notice the new haircut!

Isn't he sweet.


Jaime Blaisdell said...

That haircut makes him look a year older!!

Ryan is going through the nap thing too. I decided instead of a 20 min. nap everyday, just cut out naps every other day so he takes 2 hour naps on the days he does go down. Seems to be working good so far. Good luck with that transition. It's tough when the first kid cuts out naps. It changes your daily activities up a bit.

Scott and Christine said...

I will have to try that.

Nielsen Family said...

Where are you in these pictures?

For nap, I make Robert lay down and watch his favorite movie. That way he is excited because he gets to watch his favorite movie and I get him to lay down. Usually he falls asleep.

The Shirleys said...

Bradley doesn't think he should nap everyday either. Whats up with that? I just use one of our little gates (thanks to you)and lock him in his room so his door can be open. Then I make his take a nap!