Saturday, September 22, 2007

36 hour days...

I wish we had 36 hours in a day, maybe then I could get everything I wanted to do done. Hahaha.

So, the Caden update is, taking milk out of my diet has helped some, but not enough, poor thing. I recently learned however that when you take dairy out of your diet for a babies intestinal health you are trying to avoid the milk proteins whey and casein not the milk sugar lactase. My friend Karrie told me that she took everything even cooked with dairy out of her diet and after talking with a couple of people that is what you are supposed to do. So phase two of operation no-dairy has begun and it stinks. Hopefully my baby will benefit, though, I hope.

My dad will probably get after me for posting it on my blog because he really hates excess attention, but I think we could all use the prayers. We recently learned that a bump on my dads adorable bald head is actually cancerous. It is a form of skin cancer, but it is in the early stages. He will have a minor surgery on October 4th to find out if he needs more surgery to remove anything else (or something like that, I really am not sure what I am talking about). Anyway, so our family could use some extra prayers right now.

We celebrated Scott's birthday last weekend. He turned 28 on the 11th of September. My parents watched the boys while we used our season passes to Sea World and went and rode all the coasters. It was a fun couple of hours. There were no lines and we were like little kids rushing from ride to ride and riding them over and over. It was fun. Afterward my parents bought Rudy's and I made Scotty a cake. I had bought three different icing colors, but they didn't put the blue one in the bag. So he got red and green, very christmasy. Oh well, we had a good time.

My dad decided to throw my mom a surprise birthday party for her 50th yesterday and I was in charge of decorating and greeting guests while my bro Jonny and Dad got her out of the house. I had 40 minutes to decorate before my parents got home, and thanks to all the party comers' help it was a huge success.

Scott is doing amazing at his job as always. He is much like my dad in that he likes to hang out in the background, even at work. Turns out he is better known than he thought when at a training meeting people he didn't know pointed him out as the person who became a senior (asst. manager) faster than anyone. He did get 4 promotions in his first 8 months at USAA. He is amazing at what he does. His first manager (who promoted him three of the four times) just became a director, so we are hoping within a year he will be promoted to manager.

Nathan has his first cold in a long time. He is miserable and I am having to relearn how to take care of sickos. Of course he immediately passed his snotty nose to Caden. One nice thing is that my daddy's boy really likes his mama when he is sick so I get extra cuddle time :). Other than that he is growing like a weed and eating us out of house and home. His newest favorite activity is coloring, and man can he color. Every color imaginable is on every page. I will have to scan some in and post them for all to see. He is my little artist!

As for me, I am just trying to catch up on sleep and try to keep up with this fast paced world. I gave up on my last diet because of the no-dairy diet I am doing now (it is very similar to the other diet). I am also doing core secrets, an awesome workout on the exercise ball. I am so sore! I have lost two pounds in the past two weeks so far. Hopefully that will continue and I will be back to my preprego weight in no time (okay so 18 weeks). I am trying to get out to the playgroup my old ward (and favorite, I miss you guys!) hosts every Thursday as well as the scrap night on Wednesday nights. It is so good for me to get out! I am such a socialite.

Anyhow, here are some pics from the past couple weeks.

Nathan is learning to dress himself. Isn't this cute!!!

Why do boys feel the need to show their tongues!

Playing Halo at Scotty's party.

My dad always does the dishes when they come over, isn't he great!

My very homemade cake.

Mmmmm... cake.

Grandma and happy Cade.

I made my mom a premade scrapbook. She just has to add pictures.

So, Nathan had been holding Cade's hand and making him smile but I couldn't get Nathan to stay in the pictures. All of Cade's smiling is aimed at Nathan.

Do you remember fruit stripe gum?


GibbonsFam said...

WOW! you write a ton! Well, I will definetly pray for your dad, I have had several relatives pass because of cancer, and thank goodness your dad caught it in the first stages. -- my family wasn't that lucky. Anyway, on to something different. I like your blog colors! remind me of my blog!;)and good job keeping up with exersice, I will have to start tomorrow because I can't do anything today.-Steve says that's an excuse, but it's the SABBATH, you know?!-- Ok, hope to see you at the part tomorrow!!!

GibbonsFam said...

ok, so I'm gonna have to check my comments before I post, because I just saw about 4 misspelled words!!


cute cute! fun updates... i wish we could visit! is the house in the pics y'all's ?? cute cute! i can't wait to get mine set-up so i can post pics for all to see of OUR new home!

Jamie Smith said...

Well, it looked like your mom's party went well. I bet she loved the scrapbook. Thanks for the shout out to your old ward! We miss you guys! You need to move back. And congrats on the promotion. That's awesome. I wish you and your family well and we will keep your dad in our prayers.

Emily said...

Thanks for the update on the Nelsons. Sorry for the no-dairy thing. Quite a few of my family members are dealing with that and once you adjust it's not too bad, so they say.

Joe & Lyssa said...

yikes, stripes, fruit stripped gum! Of course I remember! That was a fun update! I too have begun Core Secrets...on Friday I did and ya, wow, how sore was I this past weekend? Could barely squat down on the toilet! Anyways, let's lose weight!!!

Jaime Blaisdell said...

We'll keep your family in our prayers. Cancer can be very scary.

Good Job Scott and kicking trash at your job!! I've never in my life heard of anyone being promoted so many times so soon. Good job! the cake. I had to laugh at that. Sorry, but it was really funny!

Be strong with the exercise thing. It seems like there's a lot of us going through the same thing right now!

Nielsen Family said...

Sorry about the cold. Probably Robert's fault. Glad y'all had fun at Sea World.

Keep us updated on your dad. Cancer is definetly scary.

Michelle Cox said...

Wow, good to have an update! Are you nursing still? I'm so proud of you if you are. I hope everything goes well with your sweet papa. Your kids are cute and you look really good!