Friday, October 12, 2007

New Clothes

Nathan is just shooting up! He is out of his 18 months clothes (finally) and fits perfectly in 24 months, and some 2T's. Thanks Auntie for the new clothes!

Happy 3 months yesterday Cade! He made it! I had a bit of trouble sleeping last night because this was the age when Ethan died (went to sleep on 3 month birthday and never woke up). So, this is always a hard milestone for me. But here is my happy boy.


Jamie Smith said...

Congrats Nathan on fitting into such big clothes! That's funny because I just barely switched out all of Eric's 9 months clothes to 12 month clothes this week! He is always a little to small for them for awhile, but in a couple months he should fit them good!

Kim Bailey said...

Happy Birthday Caden! Hugs, Kisses, and Smiles for Daddy, Mommy, Nathan, and Caden. Nathan I think you just keep getting bigger and cuter. And your little brother is really cute too.


love all the fun pics! the bath hair is the best! aimi lark has very little hair but after i lotion her up it sticks up and jake loves it! it is so great to get the updates from y'all! hey i need your mom's number... could you call and give it to me? if not i'll try and call you tomorrow :) i want to ask her something. THANKS!

THE ORMES said...

Congrats on getting pass the 3-month mark. I can understand the underlying worry you go through.

Your boys are getting so big, and they are both sooo cute!!! Oh, and we take swimming lessons from NISD at the Aquatics Center on 410 and Culebra. The Parent Tot class is for 3 - 5 year olds, so they'll be perfect for you to take next spring/summer. I'll warn you though . . . the water's cold!!!