Saturday, January 5, 2008


So it is always around Christmas that I start thinking about my life and my family. I just have to express how wonderfully blessed I feel to have been raised by such an amazing family. I have such an awesome extended family, cousins who feel like siblings, Aunts and Grandma's that are much more than just Aunts and Grandma's. I was begging my family to come over for New Year's Eve, and thought, ten years ago I would have been doing everything in my power to get away from them. Now I just wish I could see everyone all together all at once. I have been so lucky to have my parents near us for as long as I have. I know that it won't last forever. Just this next year my brother David will be leaving on his mission. We don't have much time left to be so close so often. Neville side/Turner side, we need to have another family reunion!!! This summer? Maybe in Utah? Or California? Grandma and Auntie come visit as soon as you can! I miss you all!!!


The Blaisdell Family said...

Christine you look awesome in the "grown up" picture of the three of you!

Kerstin said...

that bottom left picture is how I remember your family. I can't beleive how grown up your borthers are now, but I guess that is what happends over time. I know what you mean about family I have found since I have been married that my fmaily and Jared's family have become my main friends. There is no one I'd rather spend time with.

Jamie Smith said...

I love the family pictures! Family really is great!