Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family Pictures... Finally!

I have been trying to get family pictures taken since Caden was born. My Aunt sent the boys matching outfits for Christmas so I was determined that we would get pictures before they grew out of them. We finally found time and went today to Sears. Here are some of the pictures.

This was one of my favorites, but Scott didn't like it.

This was the one we decided to get

My cute little boy!

My big boy!

Like Scott's hand?

I love this picture!!!

So I like getting a picture of just me and Scott. Don't know why, just do. We weren't ready for this next shot, but it was cute.

Ahhh, love birds....

Can you say triple chin??? Dorky? We didn't get this one.


The Blaisdell Family said...

You are SO photogenic Christine. You look so happy and absolutely beautful!!! Great pictures!!

Kerstin said...

so cute! I love them all. oh and I love the way you did your hair it looks great!

The Shirleys said...

I love your family pictures. I especially like the last one. There is such a look of love and peace!

I like the ones of the boys too. They are getting so big. Especially Caden. I love it when they get big enough to pose in cute possitions.

Jamie Smith said...

Cute! Y'alls family picture turned out so good! I love the ones of just the boys and the ones of just you guys!

Y'all are such a beautiful family!


so fun! good idea to take pics w/your husband! and you have a gorgeous smile!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL and FUNNY! Those two boys are toooooo much and tooooooo cute! I think Nathan should wait until 35 even. Unless he finds a woman just like his mommy and grandmommy! Christi you and Scott make such a lovely couple. It is so wonderful to see you radiate your love and happiness. I can't wait to meet Scott some day. Hopefully soon!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Jami Black said...

These are great! You are looking super skinny Christine! The boys looked perfect and I loved the lovey dovey ones of you and Scott!

Chrissy said...

Cute pics! I love the one with the boys together.

Emily said...

You guys look great! The boys are just adorable. You look beautiful Christine! I can't believe how long your hair is. Love it!

Martins said...

Christine, you look very pretty in these pictures. They turned out really cute.