Friday, August 24, 2007


So my Aunt and Grandma decided to get me the envirosax as my birthday present (a little early I know). I am so excited. I haven't used them yet, but I will this weekend. I just have to tell you how cute they are. Here is a picture of the ones I got and the other two packs. They make fantastic gifts!

They are so fun!

They can hold a lot!

They are so compact they can fit in the console between the front seats!

Here are the two other packs. I want them all!

I bought these on the delight website, see my link to it on the left under my favorite websites. Hurry! These are going fast as they were featured in Oprah's magazine! Kyra Sedgewick and Cameron Diaz are also happy Envirosax owners!



such cute saxs! love them! we shop at costco so we get reused boxes but maybe if i start shopping at the grocery store i'll get some of these! before you know it you will be wearing HEMP skirts and using CLOTH diapers :)

Scott and Christine said...

Haha, I don't think I am even close to that yet.