Sunday, August 12, 2007

So, I have been accused of not keeping up with my blog. In my defense I have been waiting until I had so more pictures to post of Caden. I know that is really want people want to see :).

Everything is going well as it can with a new baby. Caden is very gassy and does a lot of screaming in pain. I have tried getting rid of several different things from my diet, but nothing seems to help. I am almost ready to give up breastfeeding to put Caden on the special formula both my other boys had to be on. Unfortunately this formula will cost about $200 a month. Any advice or suggestions would be great! Neither Caden or I are getting much sleep, and it is starting to wear on both of us.

Nathan is getting so big. We had a family from our old ward move into our new ward and they couldn't believe how big Nathan has gotten, "He can see over the pews!" He is even going to start potty training. I was going to wait a while longer, but after the third time he took his poo out of his diaper I thought it was time. He has used the potty once to pee so far. I am not pushing the issue yet, and it is still a game to him. But, once I am getting more sleep, I will crack down on it.

I am actually doing pretty well, even with the lack of sleep (shock!). I have been reading a lot lately. Mainly "Harry Potter 7", which I absolutely loved! And, "The Thirteenth Tale" which is the first novel by a lady and a great book. My Aunt and Grandma have a book club and theyjust read the latest non-fiction book about Barbara Kingsolver ("Bean Trees" "Poisonwood Bible") and her experience of living off the local land with her family. Now my aunt and my grandma are trying to get a lot of there produce locally and they have my mom and I thinking green (er). So, one of the things that I am going to do is start using reusable grocery bags. I want to get on a produce co-op, but Texas does not have as many opportunities as far as that goes as does WA state where my aunt and grandma live. I am not going crazy eco-friendly, but there are some things I am willing to do. Plus, the reusable grocery bags I found are adorable! Check out for their envirosax. I am getting the floral ones. My aunt loves them!

Anyway, I would love to hear from everybody. We will get back into life sometime. Hope to see everyone when we do!

This was the day we blessed Caden, July 29, 2007. He squeaked a bit during the prayer, but hated his pictures!

Scott's parents were able to come down for five days, and I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most. Nathan got tons of attention, and I got a lot more rest.

This is Nathan pretending to be shy. He is the most social kid I know. He flirts with complete strangers, and they generally adore him.

So here are some pictures of Caden after the family photo shoot. He was so tired! His outfit says, "Daddy's little boy."


Rachel said...

what a little cutie!!! Your little fam is so cute :)

I'm glad you posted something because I was about to get after you too :)

About the eco-friendly part...I'm trying to be a little more conscious as well. I have a friend sending ideas for the mommy blog I created so I've been trying out her suggestions. I like that bag idea! You should post it on the mommy blog

Jaime Blaisdell said...

Yea!! More pictures from the Nelson family!! I'm so excited:) Did my subtle hinting work? Haha I agree, Nathan looks SO grown up. And him being shy, yeah right! He's funny, he couldn't be shy if he tried:) He's so cute and just keeps getting cuter. I'm sorry about Caden! That has to be very hard to deal with. If you could sleep that would be a different story but dang, I feel for you, ya poor thing! I don't really have any advice to give you. Keep going with nursing though if you can. It will get better each month. If not, have you checked into WIC? That would be a huge burden; formula is expensive!!

I'm noticing more people turning "green". Is this really how life is going or is it a new trend? I've thought about the bag thing but I'm still deciding if it would be worth it...after all; that would be one MORE thing I would have to remember to bring out the door with me when I shop. And then after that, I would have to remember to bring it into the store with me. I can't even tell you how many times I've gone to make a return just to find out I left the item in the car!! What a pain when all 3 kids are with! But good for you. I admire your willingness to go green:) I will have to look more into what I can change too. Keep us posted with everything. (And by the look AWESOME Christine!! You could have fooled me about not getting enough sleep. What's your beauty secret???)

Heather said...

you can do it! you can do it! you are awesome! you can do it!

Good luck with everything, if you want to breastfeed make sure that Scott -knows- and tell him to be supportive (even if he has to fake it) because you need him cheering you on too.

you can do it!


love the new posts and blogs! your boys are great and the playdate daniel looks like a SHILLIG haha. You look great too! I am still working on this post baby body! and you have had THREE! GOOD JOB!