Sunday, November 2, 2008


So, I feel I owe my avid fans and readers- all 6 of you- an explanation for my lack of blogging. For the past few months I have started writing a book. Nothing big, just a story about my life from a fictional character's view. I started it as part of my healing process, along with starting counseling. I can't believe the amount of satisfaction writing has given me. So, I have been lax about updating this blog, as well as checking all of yours (or at least leaving comments when I do!). I

Second, to all of my twilight gals, our little party has created a heck of a lot of interest! I have had several people comment about our games and ideas. I am going to be putting up a post about everything that we did. I know some of the emails have asked questions about our fabulous decor, and I have to point the people to our awesome decorator Jazmin. Everyone wants to know how you made those black and red flower balls on the ceiling!

So, here is a short update on our fam. We're doing awesome! For proof, see pictures below.

Here we are on Sept 20th celebrating my Mom's 51st birthday. Dad was out of town and Scott and David were off helping with the Hurricane Ike clean up. So it was just my Mom, Me, Jonny and my little boys.

Nathan has loved pretending he is a baby lately. Silly kid.

Caden getting in on the camera action!
This is Scott trying to pretend he is not rough housing with the kids before bed. Don't believe it!

Our tradition for our church general conference has been to go to my parents house and have home made cinnamon rolls. It has been getting harder and harder to do with the kids and so switched to having my family over to our place. We had a wonderful time, with my brothers even making our homemade rolls! Unfortunately they didn't quite turn out, but Nathan had plenty of fun helping.

We decided to go to our little park down the street between sessions. Caden has officially become a slide man. He will even go down on his own (not up, though). We had a great time having my family over. Let's do it again in about six months!



I love that your family is so close by!

Kat Curtis said...

Hooray for updates - those costumes were awesome! I'm a Biggest Loser fan too. Problem is, any time I watch it I feel this urge to eat junk for the entire episode (sympathy eating? I don't know), so it's not the healthiest show for me to watch. :) Oh well. Great to read your updates - keep us all posted whenever you get the chance!

The Shirleys said...

It does look like you have been having lots of fun. I am excited you are writing a book. I think I need to call you sometime. When is good for you?

Kim said...

Oh Christi you look so much like your mom. You are both so beautiful. The next time you see her give her a big hug and kiss from me. And have her give the same to you from me. I love you both.