Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trip to Corpus Christi

So my parents decided (with prodding from Nathan) to pay for us to go to Corpus Christi with them for the weekend. It is all because my mom has this picture of Jonny and David in Yachats Oregon walking along some rocks next to the ocean. His latest thing to say is, "I want to walk in the Ocean." My parents response was always, "Ask you mom and dad." They of course knew that it was financially not possible, so took it upon themselves to make his little dreams come true, at least as much of an Ocean the gulf of Mexico can be. It is not the pacific, that's for sure.

So, we left Saturday morning and drove 2 hours to meet my parents at the aquarium. We had a good time touching sting rays and holding crabs.

Caden liked the animals, really he did.

Nathan never actually touched it, but he liked to get as close as he dared before pulling back and squeeling.

Scott even got in on the action.

David, Jonny and Nathan

This was the creepiest little crab. He kepot trying to pinch me. I am so used to them hiding in their shells, but this one was a little bit too friendly.

Cader (his latest nickname) had a grand time walking around.

Or, being carried by his dad. He still is not very comfortable with anyone else, especially when he doesn't get his nap.

Nathan, however, wants nothing to do with his own family when Uncles and grandparents are around.

My parents were so nice and got us a room at a four star hotel. The omni right on the Corpus Christi bay. They also got a room at the Omni, but wierdly enough it was a hotel two blocks from ours. We were sad we weren't in the same building, but it gave my family some time away from the babies for a bit.

I should know better than to lay on the floor when there are children around... active, jumpy children who love to pounce!

Nathan loved having new and exciting places to drive his cars.

We all really enjoyed the view. Sunday morning we even saw two Dolphins playing. It was my first trip to the Ocean ever seeing wildlife. I'm glad it was Dolphins.

Unfortunately Saturday night there was a huge thunderstorm and both boys ended up in bed with us. We didn't sleep well at all. And after a day with no naps all ready the kids were CRANKY! The parents might have been as well.

Saturday afternoon we made Nathan's dreams come true... well, sort of. He actually was walking in Corpus Christi bay, but it came from the ocean, had waves and you couldn't see across it. Plus it was a good place for my scardy cat children to get used to the sound of waves crashing, not nearly as loud as the Ocean beaches.

Nathan eventually came out with one of us holding him, and even let us get him wet. He had a fabulous time.

Caden on the other hand, hated the water, and at first hated the sand on his feet.

Eventually both boys had fun playing in the sane, Caden even getting to eat some of it.

Caden loves anything with handles. For a while it was a little toy hammer, now he still carries around his shovel.

Daddy and Cader having fun building castles.

Grandma eventually took over and Scott, David, Jonny and me took a ball out and played "Monkey in the Middle." That was when we spotted the jellyfish... with Jonny's arm. We actually counted 8 in one small area. We moved out of their way and continued playing until Scott decided to pelt Jonny in a very sensetive area. Then a jelly fish got the back of Scott's leg, and thus ended our day in the water... well, mine and Jonny's. Granpa, Scott and David didn't let the jellyfish keep them out of the water. But I started seeing them everywhere!

We still had fun burying Uncle Jonny in the sand though!

Caden eventually had to get in the water to get unsandified. He didn't care for it much.

Nathan, my child who is terrified of water, is getting much better. Hearing the Michael Phelps wouldn't put his head underwater either gives me hope that someday my boy might swim.

If only Cade's eyes were open, this would be a great picture!

Our attempts at a family portrait!

Have I ever told you how friendly Nathan is? Well let me tell you now. It is not to just anyone, no. My son finds the prettiest girl around and promptly plops down next to here exclaiming he is, "five years old" and striking up a conversation of his many accomplishments. Well we were shocked when he suddenly got down from his chair at our table and turned and sat next to Andrea, a sweet twenty something having dinner with her parents. The three of them waved us off and kept Nathan entertained until their food arrived, a good 15 minutes at least. I finally went over to relieve them and ended up starting up a convorsation with them myself. The mom explained how she had a little boy die at birth about five years before and they loved seeing boys and thinking of what their own little guy would be like. Of course I told them about my own loss and we talked about how each of us has healed. It was a truly inspiring moment for me, I love meeting people who have shared similar experiences and discussing the different ways we've each learned to cope. They asked if they could take pictures with Nathan, so of course I agreed and grabbed my own camera. What a blessing Nathan has been in our lives! He is such a sweet and social little boy and truly delights us! He is my darling baby!

Scott decided we wanted proof of how unruly Nathan was in the hotel. Here he is jumping on the bed... again!

On Sunday we drove down to South Padre Island

I had grand visions of doing a family picture while we were there, unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and it had to be postponed.

Here is Nathan, he is supposed to be cleaning up his toys....

The silly boys decided that despite the rain they were going to play in the real Ocean... and chase birds.

We had a good time! Thanks mom and dad!



This vacation looks amazing! You have a great family! You look awesome! highlights? Well glad y'all enjoyed the ocean :)

The Shirleys said...

What a fun weekend! I am so glad you got to go. Christine, you look great! Whatever you are doing it is working. YOu really do look great in the pictures!

We miss you guys!

Jill said...

What a fun trip! All your pictures look great - Quin and I may have to head down there for a quick trip! I also love how friendly Nathan is. That is so neat that his fun personality provided a great opportunity for sharing. And of course, he and Caden look cute as always!

Kat Curtis said...

How fun! I will have to say, Nathan cracks me up - I can't believe he is already pulling out the big stories with the cute girls! Even embellishing his age - that's great. Caden is such a cutie. I love his smile. I'm glad you had such a fun trip!

Kim said...

Silly Boys?? If you go to the ocean to get wet why can't it rain? Silly mommy! :) This looks awesome and you and your mom both look awesome. It looks like everyone was having a great time.

Kim said...

Hey Christi I was just reading your quote about the student and teacher. It comes from the book "A Course in Miracles". Love you Sweetie!!!! Kim