Monday, August 4, 2008

Trip to SLC and Reno

So I figured I had better put at least a couple pictures on here of my own babies. This is Caden a couple days after his birthday. He likes balloons! He also took his first two steps on his birthday and is now a walking pro! Okay, more like a toddling pro. He still falls down quite a bit, but can make it across at least one room.

Nathan hates to take pictures now, so this is the only one I was able to snap. He likes the no pants look, It is not my favorite, but oh well.

Now for my trip. As you saw from the previous post my Aunt Lezlie passed away. She was the oldest sibling and my Dad is the youngest. My cousin Marianne and I thought it would be great if I could go to the funeral, and decided to make it happen. Marianne ended up using her own frequent flier miles to fly me to SLC. From there we borrowed her Dad's car (Thanks again Uncle Jon!) and drove the 7 hours to Reno, NV for the funeral and then back. It was a short, fun, exhausting trip. I left the kids with Scott and some friends watched them Friday while he was at work. Then of course Caden ended up throwing up on Sunday so Scott took Monday off work. I left Thursday night and came home Monday Night.
My Dad and Mali Su. Mali Su is my cousin Jane's daughter. We figured it out and she is my first cousin once removed.

Slade and Mali Su. Slade is my cousin Jared's daughter.

This is my darling cousin Carley (14). She is the same age as my youngest brother. I remember when she was born. It was such a wonderful surprise to the whole family. My Aunt Lezlie was 45 years old, and diagnosed with cancer when Carley was 5. Everyone is worried about Carley, but she is such a strong young woman, and so much like her Mom, I know she will be okay.

This is my cousin Kurt with his niece Mali Su. He flew in just for the funeral. We were so happy to see him, but so sad to miss seeing Amy and the kids!

Joelle and Carley. Joelle (15) is my cousin Jason's daughter, and Carley's niece. Hehe. Typical Mormon family, with the niece older than the Aunt.

Me and Marianne.

This is my cousin Jason his wife, Jennifer and their family.
From back left: Westley, Jason, Jennifer and Joelle
Front Left: Naomi, Celestial, Jonny and Doug

My cousin Laney (Aunt Lezlie's oldest daughter) and her sister-in-law Sarah (My cousin Brett's wife)

Brett and Sarah

Jessie (Cousin), Sunni, Chad (Uncle) and Linsay (Cousin)

Me, Aunt Margaret, Marianne, Linsay and Dad

Jessie, Uncle Lance, Laney, Aunt Dana, Uncle Clyde (Aunt Lezlie's Husband), Aunt Lark and Uncle Chad. There are six siblings in this family and then Aunt Dana is a sibling from my Aunt Lezlie's Dad's side. It can get very confusing, but we have all been raised that family is family, despite the relation. Anyway, it goes Aunt Lezlie, Uncle Chad, Uncle Jon (I think), Uncle Lance, Aunt Lark, My Dad (James). I think Aunt Dana is about the same age as Aunt Lark, but I am not sure.

This is Caroline, Aimi Lark, Jake (cousin), and Mali Su.
Funny story. My Mom and Dad were actually hooked up by my Aunt Lark, Jake's mom. My Mom and I were living in her ward in SoCal and my Dad came down to visit his sister. I almost ruined it, being sick that specific evening and being a toal Mama's girl when I was. My Grandparents agreed to watch me when I went to sleep and my Mom went off to meet Lark's brother at the single's dance. What is even more funny (embarrassing?) is that Jake and I were boyfriend/girlfriend. I was three and he was four. We even went on a double date with my Mom and Dad before they were married to Disneyland. If that weren't bad enough, my Aunt Lark and Uncle Bill have video of me and Jake kissing in the dog house.
After we became cousins Jake and I have stayed close, but as you can see we ditched the whole kissing cousins thing and he found a beautiful wife!

Uncle Clyde explaining to Uncle Chad how not to kill himself on his bike. Luckily, Uncle Chad did come home in one piece.

Aunt Lark and Aunt Dana.

Carley was up at girl's camp when her Mom passed away. Uncle Clyde and Aunt Lezlie had told her that this was most likely going to happen and urged her to go anyway. Uncle Clyde did go up the evening she passed to let her know. She stayed at camp and ended up having a good time despite everything. Carley, Marianne, Joelle, Melinda, Vanessa and I had such a good time sitting around the living room and comparing girl's camp songs and stories. My Dad was there too, but declined to participate, although he did say it was humorous to watch us.

This is Melinda, she is the sister of my cousin Jared's wife, Vanessa (get that? She is not related to me). Since she has come to a family gathering now, we have proclaimed her an honorary family member. And what a great addition we have too!

Siblings, Brett, Laney and Jared. Aunt Lezlie's kids go Jason (41), Jared (38?), Laney (33), Brett (24), Carley (14). There was also another boy, Justin between Laney and Brett who died after complications from drowning. I think that is when I cried the most. I was so happy that Aunt Lezlie was reunited with Justin.

Melinda broke out her guitar and played and sang beautifully.

Jonny and Doug, Jason's kids.

Vanessa and Melinda

Me, Marianne and Laney

Jake, Me and Marianne

All the cousins who were there except for Kurt, Jessie and Linsay who had to leave right after the funeral.
Back left: Jared, Marianne, Carley and Brett
Front left: Jake, Me, Jason and Laney

All the cousins and the spouses who came.
Jake, Brett, Jason and Jared
Caroline, Sarah, Jennifer, Vanessa
Laney, Me, Marianne and Carley
My Scott couldn't make it and neither could Marianne's hubby Bret.

We drove back to SLC from Reno Saturday eveing getting home about 4am. Sunday I spent visiting as much family as I could. I didn't get to see my cousins Mike or Kris (Marianne's brothers) or my Uncle Jon or Aunt Beverly. I also wanted to see some friends, but had to prioritize. Sorry everyone I missed! You'll be first priority next round!
I was so excited to meet my cousin Nate's two boys. This is Erik.

Nate is Marianne's oldest brother. Nate and Erik

Cloe, Nate's wife and Griffon.

This is my newest cousin, Michelle. She is my Aunt Beverly's daughter. Aunt Bev and Uncle Jon were married five and a half years ago. I had such a good time having lunch and then shopping with her. Thanks for entertaining me Michelle!

She new she could hula hoop on Wii fit, but could she do it in real life? Yup!

That evening I spent with Scott's brother's family. This is little Arden, born two weeks after Caden chowing down on some Mac'n'cheese.

Jake was born just 10 weeks before Ethan was. He will be five this December.

Ryan and Bonnie took me up to see Scott's Grandma's. This is Grandma McKee (aka Wallin). She is such an awesome lady. It was a bitter sweet reunion. It was so good to see her, but she isn't doing very well. She was sad that I didn't bring Scott or the boys, and I am worried they won't get to see her again. Although she wasn't doing as well she is still the spunky lady she was before. She was talking about something and said, "It kicked me in the butt." It was just so funny to here tyhat coming out of her mouth.

Bonnie, Ryan, Arden, Jake and Grandma.

This is Grandma Nelson. She was doing better than I remembered. She was so funny and so full of life. Her and Grandma McKee have been friends ever since their kids got married, often going to lunch together. They go to lunch almost everyday now since they live in the same assisted living center.

Ryan, Arden, Grandma and Jake




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