Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Poo-poo in the potty train

I have decided to write a little bit about my potty training experience with Nathan so far.

Potty training puts the child at your beck and call... and they figure this out pretty quickly! The problem is, that you can't not take them to the bathroom when they say they have to go. Then of course they can push out a tiny little trickle every time. So when I am feeding Caden his bottle, cereal, putting him to bed, washing dishes, doing laundry, typing emails, writing blogs, or even using the restroom myself these are the times my two year old has to go poo-poo on the potty train (cute little saying, but oh how I hate those words now). So I drop everything, and take him to the potty, just so ten minutes later he can interrupt some other important task (like trying to change a nine month olds poopy diaper while he is trying desperately to roll away, or play with his very dirty "diaper toy") to take him yet again.

So the next thing I have tried is leaving the door open, light on and step stool right there so that he can go when ever he needs to. Here is what I have found: the toilet paper is one of the best toys ever (you have all seen the picture of the baby wrapped in tissue paper), washing hands is a much messier ordeal than it should be, he yells he's done way before he is really done, if he yells he's done and he really is and I don't come immediately he scoots off the toilet (leaving fun little streaks) and runs out of the bathroom and sits on the carpet, his chair, the couch etc. before I can catch him and reiterate in my loudest, sternest voice possible that, YOU DON'T GET UP FROM THE POTTY UNTIL I COME AND HELP YOU!"

Thus my life has been the past month. I hate potty training.




The Blaisdell Family said...

Grrrrr! Sorry Christine. I wish it were going better for you. Knock on wood, I haven't had too bad of an experience yet. But lets hope Nathan will be a good example once he DOES get it so when little Caden is older and starts potty training it will be easier next time. I'll cross my fingers with you.:)

GibbonsFam said...

Potty training does suck eggs. But the reward is when they actually go, and then you will get to have those few moments were you can just type a comment on a blog, and your kid is just happy going #2 all by himself. Hang in there, it gets better. If everything fails you can always resort to the Mexican Potty training method known as SPANKING!!! jK