Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oops... Family Fun Facts

So it turns out that I have been tagged by someone else, and I just never saw the TWO times she tagged me. So here is the first one, it is fun family facts:

Scott Dea Nelson
*Born Sept. 11, 1979 in Logan, Utah- thought his birthday (9-11) was so cool until Sept. 11 2001)
*Raised in Chandler Arizona
*His whole family were members and baptized but they never went to church. Scott was aksed to be the secretary in the Deacon's quorum when he was 12. He accepted and from then on went to church by himself for 7 years until he left on his mission. He graduated with 4 years of seminary and almost got his Eagle Scout. While on his mission his parents and two siblings became active again. His Dad is now a Bishop in Queen's Creek, Arizona. His Mom has served as RS president and is currently serving in Nursery. His youngest brother is currently serving his mission in Seattle, Washington.
*Went to Ukraine on his mission and speaks fluent Ukrainian (not Russian).
*Won the fastest walker champion in Salt Lake County out of his age group when he was nine.
*Broke into the church in Chandler every day after high school to play basketball with his friends
*Took video editing in High School and did live video announcements in the morning for his school.
*Is the best husband and father ever!
*Was the Branch President for 6 months while on his mission.

Christine Janel (Young) Nelson

*Born November 22, 1982
* Had birthday 4 times on Thanksgiving
*Given mother's maiden name Young, biological father's last name is Elsebusch, Mom and rest of fam is Neville.
*Lived with Mom at Grandparent's home for 4 years.
*Married James in a dress matching Mom's.
*Has played the Clarinet for 14 years
*Helped marching band to win a spot in the Jan. 1, 2000 Rose Parade
*Never broken anything, but sprained and/or twisted everything
*Referred to as a "rubber head" by a hand specialist doctor in the military (Because my ligaments are so loose, I bend, don't break).
*Has been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ Syndrome, Trigeminal Neuralgia (16yrs.), Depression (17yrs.), Bell's Palsy, Anxiety, Insomnia (18yrs.), ADD (21 yrs.)
*Still a pretty happy person (as long as I take my meds ;)).
* Has gone to two different elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools
* Lived in 5 different states (CA, ND, NE, NV, TX), 9 cities and 2 countries (USA, Germany)
*Oldest of Three, Youngest of Three, Oldest of Two, Middle of Six, and Only child of one marriage (SS Desiree, HB Jon, HB David, Me, SB Josh, SS Crystal)
*Raised with two younger brothers
* At one point had eight living Grandmother's

Ethan Scott Nelson
*Born March 4, 2004
*Constipated his whole life
*Made eye contact with people from day 1
*First grandbaby on Mom's side, second on Dad's
*Smiled at 3 weeks old
*Diagnosed as teething at 7 weeks
*Died of SIDS on June 5, 2004

Nathan Dea Nelson
*Born April 29, 2005
*Born 5 weeks early due to erratic heart beat, spent 5 days in NICU without any problems
*Weighed 4lbs 6oz. at birth
*Was on an Apnea monitor for 2 months because of older brother and being born early
*Started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks
*Helped to heal a lot of hearts
*Very happy baby
*Very serious when we leave the house
*Will sit next to strangers (mostly mom's) at the park and start flirting with them
*Makes friends very easily
*Has never had a problem going to Nursery at church
*Throws a ball like nothin' else (watch out!)

Caden James Nelson
*Born July 11, 2007
*Initials are CJN just like mom (Christine Janel Nelson) and grandma (Carol Jean Neville)
*Constipation troubles just like Ethan that are still not quite figure out
*LOVES his older brother, and cries if he leaves the room
*Little, tiny like his other siblings (10% in everything)

I tag Caroline, Ashley, Amy and Tovi if you haven't done this one yet.



these are some great facts!

scott shares his birthday with luke's wife
and larkie's husband is from gilbert... next to chandler

very fun!

Jamie Smith said...

Nathan is absolutely adorable in that picture! Where did you get such an adorable suit! He looks so handsome! I love the pictures of you in the younger years too! I can't believe Scott breaking into the church every night. Don't you go to H*** for stuff like that? J/K!!!

The Blaisdell Family said...

Scott sounds like a man with one strong testimony! The story about the church, missions, his family, etc., is awesome. Doesn't really go with someone who would break into a church though!!! SCOTT! What were you thinking??

And look at that blonde hair Christine!!! I now know where Nathan gets his adorable smile from:)

What's your secret for getting a baby to sleep at 8 weeks??? That's great!

You have some of the cutest little boys!

Thanks for FINALLY doing this tag:)

Kimberli Tripp said...

So fun to learn more stuff about your family!

Anonymous said...

Christi, You left out that you are AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing all of your info. I don't know if you remember we share a birthday. You were born on my 21st. I love that you put in your picture from when I knew you. I am sitting here crying after seeing it and pics of you growing up. YOU ARE A PHENOMENAL WOMAN! If you have trouble with TMJ and Carpal Tunnel check with massage. I know the school I went to they taught both of those. Carpal Tunnel can be real or it can be a pinced nerve there are simple tests like holding your hands in front of your body and locking them by gently closing your thumbs and middle fingers for one minute. If you can do that you might just need special massage therapy sessions for carpal tunnel. Love you honey! Kim

Anonymous said...

I was just reading the blogs of others. Churches are not supposed to be locked. They are only locked because there are people who would vandalize and worse if they weree open. As long as he didn't vandalize anything Scott should be fine. Kim

Hillery Ray said...

Wow - I never knew that about Scott! What a great guy! That pose with Nathan is adorbale. Total GQ. And hooray for Caden's teeth!

Tilane said...

I loved seeing the picture of when you were young! It's fun to see your blog.

The Mighty Winstons said...

Hey I found you through the grapevine that is the blog world. What a cute family you have! Hope all is going well with you.
-Liz (Smith) Winston

Julie said...

So cute! :)

I have another tag for you on my blog. :)

Jill said...

It was great reading about your family. You guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I am a very old friend of Scott's. We were best friends in Jr. High. I have been trying to track him down for a few years to say hello. I found this blog at random.

Please have him send me an email. My name is Brent Taylor and my email is:


Sarah said...

First, I LOVE reading your blog. This tag was cool! I loved learning so much about you and your family.
Love you :)

GibbonsFam said...

Caden is so adorable!!! I love his blue eyes!

The Blaisdell Family said...

Ok, I just read through all the recipes you submitted from the Twilight party and I was laughing out loud!! You are SO funny Christine! I love the "go take a shower now" part on the chicken recipe. SO very funny! Thanks for submitting those. Can't wait to try them out myself now:) And I'm with you and Prego brand, can't beat it!