Saturday, January 3, 2009

The last of 2008

So, I am sorry I am not blogging as much, but I have had to make this a lower priority. So here is what we have been up to the last couple of months of 2008.

At the beginning of November we did our annual USAA Fun Run, continuing the three year tradition of coming in dead last (without trying). The boys weren't as excited to walk the whole way this year. But we still had a good time.

On the same day we also went to USAA's Family Fun Day. It really is quite the event with rides, games, and free food. Nathan got his first "face" painting on his arm. He still talks about his dragon. He also got to go on his first pony ride, which he absolutely loved. Even Caden got to go on his first ride.

The Next big event was my Dad's 52nd birthday on November 11th. We had a good time eating Rudy's BBQ, Arm wrestling (David is th strongest, then Scott, Dad and Jonny had to call it a tie). Although Nathan "beat" them all. What good Uncles. Happy Birthday Dad!

This is a posed shot, my silly parents.

We also continued hiking, one of our favorite past times.

Next was my 26th birthday on November 22nd. Scott made me breakfast and the boys bought me my favorite flowers, Lilies. For those of you who like these flowers, they are not the most sweet smelling flowers, actually they smell pretty gross and the pollen gets everywhere.

On December 6th we went to USAA's childrens Christmas Party. It wasn't as good as the magic show two years ago, but the decorations were amazing and the toy teddy bears the boys got were so cute.

Then on Decmber 12th we had our Ward Christmas Party. It was a wonderful ham dinner with a musical extravaganza afterwards followed by a special guest. I got to do my annual performing of my Clarinet. A friend who plays the Flute joined me in playing "Stars Were Gleaming." I also tried to capture some pictures of Nathan's flirting. The little girl in the blue is Rebecca Burr, she is in Nathan's preschool. He is usually glued to her older sister Olivia, but I guess he decided any of the Burr girls will work. He is such a flirt!!!


Kim said...

Oh Christi! Thank you for posting your pictures. You get to look more and more like your beautiful mother. I made it most of the way through the pictures without crying. I can't help it your boys are so awesome. And I couldn't help but laugh at the expression on your dad's face as he looks at his birthday cake like why are there so many candles on this cake?! I am so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas. I pray that Heavenly Father will watch over you and your family and bless you all so abundantly in the new year. Love you so much. If you want to see some of my pictures from Christmas they are posted on facebook. XOXOXO


what a great post! we too love USAA! A friend of ours' friend just took a job with USAA :)

Kimberli said...

love the balloon characters! How fun! Sounds like you had a great Christmas...

Kim said...

Hi Christi!
I miss you on here. I hope that you and the boys and Scott are all well and having too much fun to stop. I love you!