Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Pictures and Fun

I have been bathing Caden in the sink. It is easier on my back and easier for him to sit up in. Nathan decided that he must do everything just like Caden. Complete with me carrying him like a baby in his towel after I get him out. Silly boy!

Scott helped Nathan with his first cooking lesson. I forgot to get pictures of the finished project, but here is the start of some very yummy chocolate chip cookies. Nathan is also doing very well with counting. You can see him helping Daddy count to 3.

Nathan and Caden have started playing pretty well together. I love it! When I grabbed the camera Caden was doing this under Nathan. Of course I then had to coax them back into position to snap a quick picture. I love my boys!

You like the cheerios spilled all over?

Come on Cade, do what your brother is doing!

"Mom, watcha doin'?"

Happy Babes! And no, we don't believe in clothes in this house (at least not for those under 5 years).

I have been very blessed to have babies that love food. Nathan is much pickier now that he is older, but as a baby he was just like Caden. Here Cade is devouring as many cheerios as he can stuff into his little mouth. And he is standing!

On a side note, Cade is starting to stand on his own and take a couple of steps before getting/falling down to crawl. He will be walking in no time... AHHHHHHH!


The Blaisdell Family said...

What cute pictures Christine!! Your boys are getting cuter and cuter with every post. And Caden standing up like a big boy...YIKES! Time needs to slow down just a bit.

And are you sure the "no clothes" policy is just for those under 5?? I could have swore you told me once that you and Scott....Oh, this is a public blog, I'll just stop there:)

Those pictures of Nathan in the sink are really cute. He looks so big in there but you can tell he loves it! Cute kids!


i love when siblings play together! mine just started! so cute!

Heather said...

what cute boys! I like the picture of them smiling up at you, so cute

Sarah said...

Your boys are so cute! I love all of the pics you posted. Siblings are so cool! And the bath in the sink is hilarious!

Kat Curtis said...

Cute, cute boys. I love the Cheerios on the floor - it's always nice to see that you're not the only one with toddler food on the ground. :)

J&J Priest said...

Hehe, we don't believe in clothes too much over here either. Its way too hot anyways.

J&J Priest said...

Oh, and the jewelry looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Christi those boys sure are cute. Caden looks just like you. I haven't been getting these in my email and just came looking for them. I was talking with your mom last night and she said that this Friday is Caden's first birthda--Happy Birthday Caden and many many more happy and lovefilled years. Love you! Kim