Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Cade!

Caden's birthday was a lot of fun. I wasn't going to have a big party until my Mom told me she wanted me to throw one and she would help pay for it. So I decided to have it at Raymond Rimkus Park. It has the best jungle gym and Nathan loves it. My Mom and my brother David bought pizzas and I picked up the cupcakes and decor.

We brought picnic blankets and toys for the little ones. Unfortunately the bark was more fun.

Scott's job was Caden. See how much fun he is having!

Madison, being her little doll self!

My 19 year old brother having fun at a 1 year olds party. Actually he had a good time, and was a big help... no, a HUGE help! Thanks Dave!!!

The bench.
From left to right we have: Becca, Timothy (under the blanket :) ), Tovi, Sadie (standing), Kaori, Nadia, Alex and Aubrey

The Table
Pizzas, My Mom, the back of Jami, Brook and Sarah

Rachel and Nolan

Tha play area.

The lil' ones area.

Caden likes pizza. Yup, he has one in each hand.

My fancy dancy cupcakes, Each one has a ring on it that says, "Happy 1st Birthday."

So, I came very prepared, minus matches of course. Cade didn't know what to make of everyone singing to him.

"Are they singing to someone behind me?"

"What in the world is this?!"

"Hmmm... this kinda tastes good...."

And the rest need no explanation.

"Man, this is the life!"

We had such a good time. Thanks all of you for coming, and for those who couldn't make it, we missed you!!! I can't believe my baby is one! For probably the first time since we've been married I feel very content with my family (e.g. no baby cravings). I love my boys so much! Happy birthday Caden!!!


The Blaisdell Family said...

Happy Birthday Caden!!!

Looks like a great party and Caden enjoyed his cuppy cake VERY much. He sure is one cute kid!!


so much fun!

and I agree about being in a "good" place w/your family... I too am there and loving it!

Mark + Courtney + One (eventually) said...

Love the play by play pictures! I love how babies really enjoy their first taste of something yummy. sorry I didn't respond to you earlier, but I would love a prego massage, I kinda want to save it till I'm further along so I can enjoy it more. :) I will call you or email you.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to Caden!! It looks like a great time was had by all. The boys are so big and adorable.

Linda said...

I'm so sad we were sunburned beyond attendance! Looks like he really had a blast!!!

Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday, Caden! I love all the cake pictures- so cute!

Jami Black said...

Thanks for let us celebrate with you! We had lots of fun! Caden is such a cutie!

Tovi said...

It was such a great party Christine! You did an awesome job. And many thanks to your mom for the food. Caden was so cute and he looked like he was enjoying himself. We had a blast!

The Mighty Winstons said...

You are such a cute mom! It's always good to be content with what you have. I enjoyed seeing you a few weeks ago. Hope all is well.

Hillery Ray said...

Thanks for inviting us! We had a great time and hope Caden did too.

Rachel said...

Geez, he is getting sooo old! I remember when yo first found out you were pregnant....

Jamie Smith said...

Happy Birthday Caden. I can't believe all these babies are turning 1! What a fun party! I missing out on so much!

And are you sure your not having any baby cravings? Being big and round for 9 months and then having them attached to your boobs another 9 months dosn't sound like tonz of fun?

The Shirleys said...

Did we tell you yet how sad we are that we missed Caden's birthday? I love the pictures of Caden eating his cupcake. He is such a little cutie!!