Sunday, May 20, 2007


So Nathan is really starting to talk. He is copying words and sometimes even sentences, or at least he tries. He is also remembering words after saying them only a of couple times. It is so fun. So, three of his latest words are shirt, clock, and fork. We are trying so hard to get him to say them correctly, but those L's and R's are just hard. Anyway, I always do a double take when he says one of them and have to hide as I laugh. I can't imagine what the nursery teachers think of us as parents!

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shillig #3 said...

Oh my.....I know exactly what ur talking about! That's hilarious! Everytime Emmitt says fork I freak out! I just hope he never says it in public! For the longest time he would say oh shoot, and it definitely did not sound like shoot! I can't wait till they figure out the correct pronunciation too!