Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nathan's Birthday

That's right, Nathan turned the big 2. Unfortunately he has been acting like it for a few months already :) . We decided not to do anything big since we had just moved and were planning a BBQ for the next weekend with a bunch of our friends from Leon Valley Ward. I say we, but Scott usually just goes along with whatever I plan. Anyway, WE decided to invite two friends for Nathan since he was turning two. I don't know if we'll do that for every birthday, but it worked out great this time. We also had my mom and dad and brothers over. Scott grilled for us, and I got a Cars cake for Nathan. We also had a fun little photo shoot with Isabella, Bradley and Nathan. All in all it was a nice, low key little party.

Some things Nathan says:
No, Bye-Bye, Duck, Doggy, Stuck, Shoe, Foot, Head, Nose, Neck, Eye, Mama, Dada, Clock, Cuckoo-cuckoo, Quack-quack, Ruff, Oink, Cars, Flower, Night-night, Banana, Cracker, Ice (he loves ice!), Water, Poo-poo, Outside, Upstairs, Downstairs

I haven't been very good about singing to Nathan, mostly because of my own embarrassment. But one day while he was in the bath I started singing him the ABC song. He loved it and hasn't stopped singing since. He will be playing on his own and just start making up his own tune and words. I love it!


Johnson Journal said...

Welcome to cyberspace! I love the blog! Especially the baby widget. I hope you don't mine I stole that idea for my own!!! I'm glad we'll get to see some of you once we're far away in Zion!!!

Anonymous said...

totally loved the blog and it is good to see you and your family grow. Love ya

Mark & Samantha Elsebusch said...

This is great! We can't wait to see more. Love you!

Dad, Samantha & Desiree

shillig #3 said...

I am so excited that you have a blog too! Dude what is it with the whole ice and kids thing?! All the kids I know that are about their age love ice! I swear that is so strange! Love the pics! Your boy is adorable!