Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Caden is five months old!

So, Caden is five months old! This last month has brought lots of changes for the little guy. We finally had to do a three day trial of nutramigen formula to see if that would get him to poop on his own. It did! As excited as we were it was hard to give up breast feeding. But, he has been going on his own for over a week now. Unfortunately he also got sick as soon as he stopped breast feeding. He has laryngitis, and it is so sad and so funny at the same time. He can't cry and has this very hoarse little voice. He is the most talkative child I have ever had. Nathan didn't start babbling until he was closer to eight months. Caden started "talking" around one month. Some people have even heard him say, "Hi." I swear he does! He is also rolling consistently from front to back and has almost made it the other way too. He loves to grab his toes and roll from side to side. He is also extremely ticklish. He is always giggling while I try to get his shirt off. It is so funny! He likes to suck his middle and ring finger together. He would rather have his fingers than a pacifier, but he isn't always able to get them if he is really upset so still takes a pacifier. He is such a sweet boy and loves to watch his brother. If he is awake while Nathan is sleeping, he gets very bored and upset. We love our little Cade!



so cute! 5 months! fun fun! i love playdates! those are the best! your boys are adorable!

The Blaisdell Family said...

Wow he has changed a lot! He's adorable and his eyes are so blue! What a cutie-pa-tutie!

Avery tried the whole "2 middle fingers" thing, then gave up and switch to the index and middle finger (obviously easier to get to) and has never gone back to the middle two. I love that she never took a pacifier to be honest. One less thing to look for as I'm walking out the door!!

Glad the new formula is working for you. We had to use that for Josh and it does help. It wasn't a huge change for Josh, but he did improve to some degree. It's so expensive though!!

He's so sweet Christine. I can't wait to hold him!!

Paulson Party said...

He is adorable, Christine!! I can't believe that he's 5 months old now - you were still pregnant when we moved!!
Wish we were still there - I'd bet he and Kathrynn would have tons of fun together. :)
By the way, we have a blog up, too - it's


Joe & Lyssa said...

I am AMAZED at how much he has changed Christine! He has gotten so big! And of course, he's adorable! These months, they really change! So I hope he gets feeling better! I hate when babies get sick...and so glad that all went well with the milk but I know how you sad when breast feeding stops...but don't worry, he'll still need you for everything else!

The Shirleys said...

I love it when babies start ro get little necks! They are so cute. Caden of course is no exception.

California Dad, Samantha & Desiree said...

Caden is sooooo cute! Looking at your pictures from that age, we think he looks a lot like you! Our love to you all.