Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fun Run

So, every year USAA has a fitness 5k Fun Run. Last year we took Nathan who was 18 months old at the time, and he walked over 2 miles. We decided to make it a family tradition, and we came in last this year! We knew we would, but we got to walk with our good friends Kara and Doug Charlton and their two kiddos Timmy, 4yrs, and Tanner, 18 months. We had a fun time catching up with them. We all met in the singles ward way back when.

Here we are at the starting line

Shamu! And Momma and Nathan. Nathan was terrified of him, it was hard to snap a picture because he kept looking over at Shamu.

We love our Spurs! We had to get a picture with Coyote!
Here is Doug and Timmy Charlton.


Kim Bailey said...

OOOOHHHH! You guys have too much fun! Christi you have lost sooo much weight.You look AWESOME!!! As for the fat lip that probably bonded those boys of yours Christi. Everybody keep smiling! HUGS AND KISSES!!!

Shillig 1 Family said...

Christi- great pics of the family. Your great at capturing all of the memories. I love your template also.

Teeter Tots said...

Hi Christi, its Valerie. The family looks great! I am so glad that you all are happy. I miss everyone in SA and I am glad that I can keep up with you guys. I hope that we can catch up and put old skeletons behind us. Your boys are beautiful! Congrats on your newest addition! My sis had a baby around the same time as you and she named him Kaidyn as well. :) Well I do hope to hear from you some time. is my email address. Take care hon!

Kara said...

We had so much fun walking with you guys! Thanks for posting the picture of Timmy and Doug. Now I have it too. I was pretty bummed that I forgot my camera. Talk to you soon!

Emily said...

What a great tradition. We would always come in last too, especially if Miles and Gray were walking. They would be all over the place as I'm sure Nathan was.

Jamie Smith said...

That's neat that y'all get out and do that as a family! USAA has so many neat things always going on! I want to work there!