Monday, June 25, 2007

So, everything is going pretty well. Thanks to all of you for your concern and support. I've been bad about writing everyone back, but I really appreciate your notes. Dr. Cerney took me off bed rest on Wednesday this past week. I was so excited. It didn't take me long to realize that after being on bed rest for three weeks, gaining five pounds and just being 35 weeks along, my stamina was shot. So now I am struggling to get some momentum back and not stay in bed all day. I do about one chore a day, maybe next week it will be two!

Scott and Nathan have been so good about it all. I think Nathan would have preferred to continue to go to other people's homes to play. Now he is stuck back at home with boring ol' mom. Scott has endured lots of frozen dinners and left overs and hasn't complained... too much, anyway. His schedule at work was just changed to 7:30am to 4:30pm. He was working 9am to 6pm which only gave us a little time in the morning and then a little time in the evening. His new schedule is so nice. I love having him home in the evenings!

This is Nathan's latest thing, everything goes on the head!


Rachel said...

Hey there it's Rachel! I'm glad you put an updated post...I was starting to get a little worried about ya :) Things are going well here in Michigan. I have also gotten onto the blogging band wagon this past month...check out my blog, Haley is pretty darn cute...oh and leave some comments :) Oh, and by the way Nathan is so cute!!! I miss you guys!

Rachel said...

Oh wait...I jsut realized you already had my name down in your, it's been a long day. Anyways, be sure to keep in touch with some comments ever once in a while! Also, I was thinking about starting a blog for mommies that I know to use as a forum to ask questions, share ideas, and tell stories about babies, beauty, breakfast, "buys", and more. What do you think??

Rachel said...

okay, got the website up, check it out!!